Captain Keegan sets great lead for YMCA B

YMCA B beat YMCA C 7-3 in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League.
YMCA B beat YMCA C 7-3 in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League.

YMCA B continued their winnings ways in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League by beating YMCA C 7-3.

YMCA B captain John Keegan won all his three games and Chris Inman and Mark Cambridge each won two.

C team team captain Nigel Brook beat Inman and Daniel Ferguson defeated Cambridge over five rubbers. Paul Morris lost all three games, but he took two rubbers from Inman and one from Cambridge.

Ferguson and Brook won the doubles, beating Keegan and Cambridge.

YMCA A climbed to the top of the league in their third game by beating C Station A 10-0. Gordon Cooper, returning after illness, quickly recaptured his old form, winning all his games. He dropped one rubber to Rob White, returning after several years absence, and one to Richard Fry, both in the first rubbers.

YMCA A’s Peter Hugill and Ian Instone won their three games fairly convincingly and they also won the doubles.

Division Two has a total of 10 new players, six of whom are juniors.

Knottingley B beat newcomers Knottingley C 10-0.

Team captain and octogenarian Marcus Hookham beat all his three opponents convincingly over three rubbers and Robert McNaught and Neil Cooper did the same. McNaught and Cooper also won the doubles against juniors Connor Howson and Douglas Martin, who succeeded in taking the second rubber by eleven points to two. All three C team players, which also included Dave Martin, did very well against their clubmates considering it was their first-ever game ever in league competition.

Hemsworth won their first match of the season by beating Ferrybridge B 6-4.

Hemsworth’s John Wainwright beat brothers Joe and Sam Angel, who are juniors and complete newcomers to the league. Wainwright defeated Keith Lumb over five rubbers. Lumb beat newcomers Paul Waldron and Steve Shand over three. Joe Angel defeated Waldron and Shand. In the doubles, Joe and Sam Angel played well in a defeat over four rubbers to John and Julie Wainwright.