Castleford boxer unhappy with draw result

Castleford boxer Nathan Owens
Castleford boxer Nathan Owens

Castleford’s undefeated cruiserweight Nathan ‘The Outlaw’ Owens did not disappoint his most loyal fans on Saturday night at the John Charles Centre, Leeds, despite seeing his winning streak as a professional come to a controversial end.

Owens faced a tricky test against the experienced Paul David and was convinced he had done enough to have his hand raised in victory at the end, but the referee ruled the contest a draw – much to the surprise of many at ringside.

“I know that I won and I could see the crowd knew I’d won. I don’t know how it was a draw,” said Owens.

“I’m not disappointed in my performance because I know I won, I nearly rocked him to sleep a few times.”

Trainer/manager Keith Walker was also unhappy with the result.

He said: “Nathan looked to be the better fighter throughout and was definitely landing cleaner punches and trying to force the fight.

“Boxing lends itself to controversy perhaps better than any other sporting discipline and unfortunately we are just another statistic in this sometimes unrewarding sport.

“From the first two punches Owens landed clearly in the first 30 seconds of the first round he had David in all sorts of trouble, unfortunately that set the scene for the rest of the fight. David just tried every trick possible to spoil Owens’ work.”

The referee scored it 57-57 to both boxers with the crowd bellowing their disapproval.

Team Owens have thanked all the supporters and sponsors Steve Clough, Tartan Coffee Lounge, Big Johns Legends Gym and Jamie Brenton.