Castleford duo compete in British mixed pairs final

Stuart Thompson (pictured) and Maureen Chambers won the Yorkshire mixed pairs final.
Stuart Thompson (pictured) and Maureen Chambers won the Yorkshire mixed pairs final.

CASTLEFORD duo Stuart Thompson and Maureen Chambers beat Halifax pair Keith Hatzer and Christine Pilling 21-10 in the Yorkshire mixed pairs final at Elland Cricket and Bowling Club on Sunday.

Stuart and Maureen now go forward to the British mixed pairs final at Preston on October 8.

The quarterfinals of Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s Incentive Shield tournament will be played next Monday (6pm start).

The draw is:

Pontefract C v Fryston C, Hawhill B v Ferrybridge C or Savile Park D, Castleford Town C v Queens Park B, Glasshoughton C v Ferrybridge B.

The association’s Polar Pairs Handicap competition will be played at Garforth Rec BC on Sunday (10am). The tournament is sponsored by Polar Ford, of Castlefod. Dress code applies.

The entrants are:

M Lewis and S Haigh (Glasshoughton/Savile Park/Castleford), S Thompson and M Chambers (Glasshoughton/Castleford), R Robbins and C Sutcliffe (Glasshoughton/Methley), M Brain and J Brain (Glasshoughton/Castleford), T Chambers and E Riding (Glasshoughton/Castleford), R Thomas and N Portman (Glasshoughton/Savile Park), G Robinson and P Batty (Glasshoughton/Queens Park), D Dobson and L Dye (Castleford/Ferrybridge), R Lewis and N Farrar (Castleford/Garforth Rec), A Webb and A Hagen (Castleford/OFH), M Hagen and J Johnson (Savile/OFH), P Eustace and N Eustace (Featherstone), C Newton and H Charlotte (Smirthwaite/Pontefract), D Harrap and S Williams (Fryston), C Hart and L Hart (Fryston), Mike Harrap and S Hill (Fryston/Pontefract), S Knight and P Stewart (Valley Gardens), A Lee and B Jennings (Valley Gardens), M Lee and J Harrison (Valley Gardens), A Wolfenden and E Owen (Savile/Pontefract), R Lloyd and K Portman (Glasshoughton/Savile/Methley), S Portman and P Walton (Savile/Methley), S morrison and Z Brain (Pontefract/Glasshoughton), J J Durham and S Carroll (Pontefract), D Watson and J Hill (Pontefract), L Heaton and J Collinson (Garforth/Queens Park), Mark Harrap and S Pollard (Garforth/Savile), R Willett and D Shipley (Garforth/Glasshoughton), M Mace and D Mattison (Ferrybridge/Savile Park), G Greenwood and T Newbould (Ferrybridge), D Rundle and E Rundle (Ferrybridge), E Lunn and S Proberts (Ferrybridge/Hawhill), A Walstow and M Croxall (Queens Park/Hawhill), J Windus and A Young (Featherstone/Valley Gardens), M Hill and M Lee (Pontefract/Valley Gardens), M Firth and C Firth (Kippax/Garforth Rec), J Varley and C Franks (Queens Park), R Green and M Boyes (Queens Park/Woodlesford/Methley), E Parker and L Mattison (Allerton/Pontefract/Swillington), R Matison/V Bradshaw (Allerton/Swillington), D milnes and P Hemingway (Allerton), E Massey and G hopps (Valley Ridge), L Collins and S Thackeray (Queens Park/Garforth Rec).

The association’s junior under 18 handicap tournament will be held at Allerton Bywater BC next Wednesday, August 10, with a 10.45 am scratch time.

Competitors can enter and pay on the day.

The event has switched from Valley Gardens, Pontefract.