Cawser and Powell excel as champions retain top spot

Keith Powell won all his three singles matches for league leaders  YMCA D.
Keith Powell won all his three singles matches for league leaders YMCA D.

DEFENDING champions YMCA D retained top spot in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League by beating YMCA C 8-2.

YMCA D’s Keith Powell and Phil Cawser both won all their singles matches but Ian Instone lost two of his three singles.

Instone defeated Paul Morris over three sets but lost to substitute player Peter Hugill, drafted in at short notice, over four sets.

Instone was also beaten by John Spedding over five sets.

Cawser overcame Spedding over three and both Morris and Hugill over four..

Powell did a similar job, beating Hugill over three, Spedding over four and Morris over four.

In the doubles, Powell and Cawser beat Morris and Spedding over three sets.

YMCA E maintained their title bid by defeating C Station B 9-1.

YMCA E’s Tom Wilkinson beat John Wainwright over four sets, having lost the first.

He went on to beat an unnamed player over three sets, and later Richard Lumb over three sets with the latter going to deuce.

Barry Johnson beat Lumb over four sets and an unnamed player over three but lost to Wainwright in a marathon five setter.

YMCA E’s Jamie Rusling beat all his opponents, the unnamed player over three, Lumb over four, having lost the third set 16-18, and Wainwright in yet another lengthy five setter.

Wilkinson and Rusling beat Wainwright and Lumb over four sets in the doubles.

YMCA B won 8-2 at Ferrybridge A.

Ferrybridge’s Alan Yip lost to Mark Cambridge over three close sets.

Yip bounced back to beat Carl Keegan over four sets, having lost the first to deuce. He later lost to John Keegan over three.

Tim Condon lost to John Keegan over three and Cambridge by the same margin, losing the first two sets to deuce.

Condon beat Carl Keegan narrowly over five sets, having lost the first two sets, the final set 13-11 in his favour.

Ferrybridge’s Dennis Shaw had a dismal evening.

He lost to Carl Keegan over four sets, John Keegan over three and Cambridge also over three, narrowly in the last two sets. Cambridge and Carl Keegan won the doubles, beatinng Shaw and Condon over four sets.

Ferrybridge B and C Station A shared the points in a thrilling 5-5 draw.

Ferrybridge’s Robert McNaught lost narrowly to Keith Lumb over four sets before teammate Dave Cooper bagged the first of his three singles wins by beating Richard Fry over five sets. Cooper lost the second and third to deuce but won the remainder easily.

Cooper went on to beat Lumb over three sets - the first narrowly by 15-13 - and completed a hat-trick by overcoming Andy Adams over four.

Cooper’s brother Neil gave good support, beating Adams over four and Fry over five, but losing to Lumb over five close sets. McNaught lost to both Adams and Fry over three close sets. Lumb and Fry won the doubles to level the scores, beating the Cooper brothers over five sets after recovering from 2-0 down.