Cawser and Powell lead way for defending champions

YMCA D won 7-3 at YMCA A.
YMCA D won 7-3 at YMCA A.

DEFENDING champions YMCA D won 7-3 at YMCA A in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League.

YMCA D’s Phil Cawser and Keith Powell both won all their three singles matches.

Cawser beat Rob Connell over four sets and also defeated Steve Morris and John Stones, who was returning from a two-year break.

Powell overcame Stones in three sets before winning a crucial match against Connell by sneaking home 11-6 in the final set.

Powell also produced the night’s best comeback, recoverinng from two sets down to beat Morris.

Powell won the final three sets 11-6, 14-12 and 11-9.

Morris, Connell and Stones all beat Ian Instone.

YMCA A conceded the doubles because of time factors.

YMCA A shared the points in a 5-5 draw against YMCA C.

Stones was in outstanding form for YMCA A, winning all his games.

He beat Paul Morris in three sets and Jamie Rusling and Guy Rothery in four.

YMCA A’s John Spedding lost all his three games

He was 2 -1 up against Rusling who struck back to win the last two sets.

Peter Hugill was involved in three close fought games. He won two but lost to Rothery.

The doubles proved crucial with Rusling and Rothery recovering from two sets down to beat Stones and Hugill 11-9 in the final set.

YMCA B eased to a 10-0 win at Ferrybridge B.

John Keegan won all his games in three sets.

Chris Inman found things a little harder losing a set to Bob McNaught and also to both Dave and Neil Cooper but he still came out victorious in all three matches.

Mark Cambridge  emulated captain Keegan by winning all his games in three sets.

YMCA B also won the doubles.

Richard Lumb was the only winner for C Station B in a 9-1 defeat against YMCA E by beating Barry Johnson in four sets.

Johnson played two more four-set matches and won them both. He was victorious against John Wainwright and an unnamed player.

Jamie Rusling beat Wainwright in four sets and won his other two singles matches in three sets.

Daniel Ferguson also won all his games, only dropping one set to Lumb.

Wainwright and Lumb gave a good account of themselves in the doubles, only losing 11-8 in the fifth.

C Station B lost 7-3 to Ferrrybridge A despite making a good start when Wainwright achieved a three-set win over Terry Kirk, returning after several years’ absence from the league.

Things may have been different had Kirk won the third game which he lost 11-9.

Ferrybridge’s Alan Yip won all his three games.

Tim Condon beat C Station’s unnamed player and Marc Lumb but he lost to Wainwright in three sets in the final singles match.

The unnamed player lost to Kirk who regained some of his old form by recovering from two sets down to win 11-9 in the fifth.

C Station collected their third point by winning the doubles in a closely fought contest.