Cawser is league’s top player this season

Phil Cawser (YMCA D) won 99 of the 107 league matches he played.
Phil Cawser (YMCA D) won 99 of the 107 league matches he played.

Phil Cawser has topped the averages in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League this season with a 92.52 percent success rate.

Cawser (YMCA D) won 99 of the 107 games he played to finish ahead of closest rival John Keegan (YMCA B) who won 131 of his 157 matches.

The top 20 in the league’s averages this season were:

Phil Cawser (YMCA D) played 107, won 99, average 92.52; John Keegan (YMCA B) 157-131-83.44; Nathan Taylor (Knottingley A) 117-93-79.49; Guy Rothery (YMCA C) 43-33-76.74; Rob Connell (YMCA A) 163-124-76.07; Peter Hugill (YMCA A) 192-144-75.00; Bailey Pye (YMCA E) 195-144-73.85; Steven Morris (YMCA A) 137-101-73.72; Alan Hanson (YMCA A) 20-14-70.00; Paul Morris (YMCA C) 176-123-69.89; John Senior (YMCA A) 55-38-69.09; Chris Inman (YMCA B) 177-121-68.36; Gordon Cooper (YMCA D) 157-102-64.97; Daniel Ferguson (YMCA E) 121-78-64.46; Alan Yip (Knottingley B) 198-127-64.14; Jamie Rusling (YMCA E) 78-50-64.10; Thomas Wilkinson (YMCA E) 85-53-61.63; John Spedding (YMCA C) 54-33-61.11; Conor Morris (YMCA E) 38-23-60.53; Mark Cambridge (YMCA B) 59-35-59.32.

YMCA E clinched second place in the league with a 7-3 win at Knottingley A.

Nathan Taylor achieved Knottingley’s best results by beating Daniel Ferguson over four sets and Thomas Wilkinson fairly easily over three.

He lost for the second time this season to Bailey Pye over three sets, with the last set going to deuce.

Steve Taylor lost to both Pye and Ferguson over three sets but he defeated Wilkinson over three sets.

Knottingley’s Dave Page lost all his games over three sets.

Ferguson and Pye beat Steve Taylor and Page over four sets in the doubles.

YMCA C and YMCA B drew 5-5.

Rob Connell, who was borrowed from YMCA A, was the player of the match for YMCA C. He won all his three games, beating John Keegan and his son Carl over three sets and Graham Wylie over four.

YMCA C’s Paul Dykes lost all his games, over three sets to John Keegan and Wylie and over four sets to Carl Keegan.

Guy Rothery beat John over five close sets and Carl Keegan over three, but lost to Wylie over three.

John Keegan and Wylie beat Rothery and Connell in the doubles.

YMCA C beat Knottingley C 8-2 with Dave Cooper defeating Chris Inman narrowly over five sets and Carl Keegan over four.

Dave Cooper lost to John Keegan who won all his games over three sets.

Inman beat Neil Cooper narrowly over four and Carl Keegan did the same over three but by the narrowest margin in all three sets.

Robert McNaught lost all his games.

John and Carl Keegan beat Neil and Dave Cooper over three in the doubles.

Knottingley C were awarded the points against YMCA E who conceded because the fixture was not completed within the time limits, having initially being postponed by them.

POSITIONS - YMCA A played 18, won 16, drawn 1, lost 1, points 33; YMCA E 17-14-1-2-29; YMCA B 18-13-1-4-27; YMCA C 18-10-2-6-22; YMCA D 18-9-4-5-22; Knottingley B 18-7-1-10-15; C Station A 18-5-3-10-13; Knottingley A 18-2-4-12-8; Knottingley C 17-2-3-12-7; C Station B 18-0-2-16-2.