Commercial are new leaders as Rock Inn’s slump continues

Commercial have a three point lead in the dominoes section after beating former pacesetters Rock Inn A 5-0.
Commercial have a three point lead in the dominoes section after beating former pacesetters Rock Inn A 5-0.

Commercial have a three point lead in the Castleford and District Darts and Dominoes League’s dominoes section after trouncing former leaders Rock Inn A 5-0.

Rock Inn A, who led the table for a month, are now down to fifth place after losing their last three matches.

Conservative Club, Progressive and Redhill Social Club maintained their challenges with 4-1 victories over Rising Sun, Townville and Wheatsheaf respectively.

Rising Sun, without a win in six games, have slipped to the foot of the table.

Rock Inn B dropped to seventh spot after losing 5-0 to Old Tavern.

Darts section leaders Rock Inn B beat Old Tavern 6-1 to stay three points clear of Progressive who defeated Townville 5-2 and Conservative Club who beat Rising Sun 4-3.

Redhill Social Club lost top spot in the fives and threes section when they were thrashed 5-0 by Wheatsheaf.

Kippax Central, who beat Glasshoughton WMC 4-1 and Townville, who overcame Progressive 3-2, climbed above Redhill on aggregate points.


Darts: Rock Inn B played 12, won 11, points 33; Progressive Club 12-10-30; Conservative Club 12-10-30; Junction 12-8-24; Wheatsheaf 12-7-21; Kippax Central 12-7-21; Rising Sun 11-7-21; Townville Club 12-6-18; Rock Inn A 12-5-15; Old Tavern 12-4-12; Glasshoughton WMC 12-3-9; Redhill Social Club 12-3-9; Last Orders 12-2-6; Commercial 11-0-0.

Dominoes: Commercial 11-8-24; Conservsative Club 12-7-21; Progressive Club 12-7-21; Redhill Social Club 12-7-21; Rock Inn A 12-7-21; Kippax Central 12-7-21; Rock Inn B 12-7-21; Wheatsheaf 12-6-18; Old Tavern 12-6-18; Townville Club 12-6-18; Junction 12-4-12; Glasshoughton WMC 12-4-12; Last Orders 12-4-12; Rising Sun 11-3-9.

Fives and threes: Kippax Central 12-9-27; Townville Club 12-9-27; Redhill Social Club 12-9-27; Rock Inn A 12-8-24; Progressive Club 12-7-21; Wheatsheaf 12-6-18; Old Tavern 12-6-18; Rock Inn B 12-6-18; Glasshoughton WMC 12-5-15; Conservative Club 12-5-15; Commercial 11-5-15; Last Orders 12-3-9; Rising Sun 11-3-9; Junction 12-2-6.

Combined sections: Progressive Club 36-24-72; Rock Inn B 36-24-72; Kippax Central 36-23-69; Conservative Club 36-22-66; Townville Club 36-21-63; Rock Inn A 36-20-60; Wheatsheaf 36-19-57; Redhill Social Club 36-19-57; Old Tavern 36-16-48; Junction 36-14-42; Rising Sun 33-13-39; Commercial 33-13-39; Glasshoughton WMC 36-12-36; Last Orders 36-9-27.