Connell wins deciding game for league leaders

Bailey Pye was outstanding for YMCA E, the league's youngest team.
Bailey Pye was outstanding for YMCA E, the league's youngest team.

YMCA B host YMCA E and YMCA visit Knottingley C in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League’s Knock-out Cup semi-finals.

Matches will be played the week commencing Monday, January 4.

In the quarterfinals, unbeaten league leaders YMCA A pipped Knottingley B 5-4.

YMCA A’s Rob Connell beat Tim Condon, over three sets but Alan Hanson, in only his third game of the season, lost to Dennis Shaw over four sets.

Captain Peter Hugill defeated Alan Yip over three sets to put YMCA back ahead but Knottingley levelled when Condon recovered from a set down to beat Hanson.

Connell trailed by two sets to Yip in the next game but he bounced to take the third, only for Yip to come out on top by two points in the fourth to notch his first win over Connell this season.

Hugill beat Shaw, convincingly over three sets to square matters again.

When Yip beat Hanson over four sets, Knottingley led 4-3 but YMCA snatched victory in the final two games.

Hugill overcame Condon before Connell won the deciding match against Shaw over three sets by producing accurate attacking play.

Knottingley C came out on top 5-4 against C Station B in a close quarterfinal.

C Station’s Rob White lost both his games against brothers Dave and Neil Cooper over three sets but he defeated Bob McNaught over three.

Richard Lumb and son Marc had a mixed results for C Station.

Marc lost to Neil over three sets having gone to deuce in the third while Richard beat Neil over three, albeit closely.

McNaught lost to Richard in a great five setter which ran its full course.

McNaught won the first set in his match against Marc but lost the next three by a margin of two points in each set.

In the deciding match, Dave Cooper beat Marc Lumb over four sets.

YMCA E, the league’s youngest team, booked their semi-final place with a 5-0 victory agains C Station A.

In the first game, last season’s junior singles tournament winner Bailey Pye beat Keith Lumb over three sets.

Pye’s teammate Jamie Rusling defeated Keith Lumb and Richard Fry in close games over five each.

Daniel Ferguson overcame Andy Adams over four sets before Pye rounded things off by beating Adams easily over three sets.

YMCA B won a thrilling quarterfinal clash against YMCA C 5-4.

B team captain John Keegan won all his three games, beating Nigel Brook, John Spedding and Paul Morris, the latter narrowly over four challenging sets with each one going to deuce.

YMCA B’s Carl Keegan played well but lost all his three games.

Chris Inman lost to Morris, but beat Brook and then Spedding in the deciding set to give YMCA B the edge by the closing of margins.