Connor set to fight in brother’s memory

Connor Fretwell
Connor Fretwell

Featherstone’s Connor Fretwell has spoken about how the tragic death of his older brother has inspired him to start boxing in his memory.

Connor is set to face his first bout this Sunday and hopes to go on to be as good as brother Callum “Tanker” Fretwell, who won gold in the prestigious 2014 Haringey Box Cup at Alexandra Palace in London before his life was tragically cut short in a car accident in February.

Connor has found it tough to get over the loss of his big brother, but admits turning to boxing is helping.

He said: “Callum is my hero and I love him so much. His death has left me, my family and friends devastated beyond words.

“I personally could not face anything anymore, everything didn’t seem to make sense without him.

“Callum’s former boxing coach Keith Walker contacted me and told me to come and see him, he would do his best to try and help, just like he had done in the past with Callum.

“And I can honestly say that over the last six months under Keith’s coaching and mentoring, my life is definitely moving in the right direction. Boxing more than likely has saved more heartache in the family and made a positive impact on me.

“I am in the gym five days a week, training so hard, also learning some life skills on the way. I am hopefully starting work shortly through another good friend and I have recently attended building college.”

Connor will be having his first boxing contest under the EBF Boxing rules, promoted by Ryan Hunter Promotions, at the Civic Centre, Castleford on Sunday.

He added: “My shorts will be printed with Callum’s name on and I will be wearing them with so much pride and hope he’s watching over me. Hopefully he brings his big left hook with him too (jokingly).”

Keith Walker said “It has been a long tough six months for all that knew Callum, but helping his younger brother out is what he would have wanted from me.

“Connor has proved beyond doubt through times of grief that if you focus all your efforts and want something bad enough, applying yourself to hard work and a lot of determination, anything is possible.

“Callum would have been so proud to see him boxing, as it was something he wanted him to do”.