Contrasting fortunes for husband and wife in bowls finals

Steve Portman of Savile Park won the gents competition.
Steve Portman of Savile Park won the gents competition.
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There was a high standard of bowls at Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s gents and ladies YMCA tournaments at Castleford’s Queens Park on Sunday.

Steve Portman of Savile Park won the gents competition, defeating Glasshoughton’s Mark Brain 21-16 in the final.

Steve raced to a 12-5 lead before Mark found a good length and pulled back to 13-13.

Steve got the jack back and taking four twos to Mark’s singles ran out the winner.

In the ladies final Steve’s wife Karen was up against Second Division Townville bowler Christine Lynch.

With a two point start over Karen, Christine never looked likely to relinquish the lead and ran out a worthy 21-12 winner.

RESULTS - Ladies: (Quarterfinals): N Eustace 16, V Bradshaw 21; PStewart 16, C Lynch 21; A Hagen 15, M O’Donovan 21; K Portman 21, P Walton 7. (Semi-finals): V Bradshaw 13, C Lynch 21; M O’Donovan 19, K Portman 21. (Final): C Lynch 21, K Portman 12.

Gents (Quarterfinals): G Portman 21, D Revell 6; A Webb 18, M Brain 21; S Thompson 11, R Robbins 21; S Portman 21, S Waite 15. (Semi-finals): G Portman 11, M Brain 21; R.Robbins 18, S Portman 21. (Final): M Brain 16, S Portman 21.

Ladies League final positions: Ossett Flying Horse 2390, Castleford 2261, Methley 1965, Garforth Rec 1843, Pontefract 1822, Wakefield 1306.

Glasshoughton were the team to beat all season in the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association.

They have shown their dominance in the three leagues (evening, pairs and Saturday) to such an extent that even with a game to go in the Saturday Division One title race, they have already won the trophy, completing a hat-trick of titles for the Glasshoughton club.

Latest positions:


Division 1 : Glasshoughton A played 18, won 18, points 2735; Smirthwaite A 18-14-2651; Pontefract A 18-9-2528; Queens Park A 18-8-2421; Fryston A 18-7-2375; Savile Park 18-8-2362; Castleford Town B 18-8-2342; Allerton Bywater A 18-5-2338; Ferrybridge A 18-7-2309; Pontefract B 18-5-2126.

Division 2: Hawhill Park A 16-13-2377; Glasshoughton B 16-12-2315; Valley Gardens A 16-11-2244; Featherstone A 16-8-2182; Townville 16-6-2154; Savile Park D 16-8-2066; Methley 16-6-2053; Pontefract C 16-6-2026; Hawhill Park B 0-2-1833.

Division 3: Allerton Bywater B 16-13-2346; Smirthwaite B 16-12-2346; Ferrybridge B 16-8-2084; Queens Park B 16-6-2054; Valley Gardens B 16-1-1780.

Pairs: Glasshoughton 22-18-1700; Queens Park A 22-20-1691; Allerton Bywater 22-16-1602; Valley Ridge 22-12-1528; Queens Park B 22-14-1520; Kippax 22-10-1518; Valley Gardens 22-10-1469; Fryston A 22-8-1416; Ferrybridge 22-9-1371; Featherstone 22-6-1326; Methley 22-6-1296; Hawhill Park 22-3-1107.


Division 1: Glasshoughton A 16-14-2423; Pontefract A 15-11-2210; Savile Park 15-9-2167; Castleford Town B 15-10-2119; Allerton Bywater A 15-7-2002; Fryston A 15-7-1952; Ferrybridge 15-4-1915; Queens Park 15-3-1827; Smirthwaite 15-2-1693.

Division 2: Townville 14-10-1988; Featherstone 14-8-1935; Valley Gardens 13-8-1756; Pontefract B 13-6-1714; Savile Park B 14- 2- 1614;.

J Lynch and D Aitken won Castleford and District Veterans mixed pairs competition on Thursday.

RESULTS: (Quarterfinals): J Sharp/C Sutcliffe 21, B Riddiough/M O’Donovan 10; L Heaton/P Batty 21, F Agar/K Durham 20; H Boulton/B Kirkbride 21, D Dobson/D Mattinson 0; J Lynch/D Aitken 21, P V De Gevel/J Collinson 9. (Semi-finals): J Sharp/C Sutcliffe 6, L Heaton/ P Batty 21; H Boulton/B Kirkbride 9, J Lynch/D Aitken 21; (Final): L Heaton/P Batty 14, J Lynch/D Aitken 21.