Cue Club top of pots in three divisions

Pontefract Cue Club lead the way in three of the four divisions.
Pontefract Cue Club lead the way in three of the four divisions.

Pontefract Cue Club teams are setting the pace in three of Castleford and District Snooker League’s four divisions.

Cue Club F are the new Section A leaders after winning 8-2 at Garforth WMC B.

Ladybalk B lost top spot with an 8-2 home defeat against Swillington Welfare D.

Bottom side Roundhill recorded their first win of the season by defeating Pontefract Cue Club C 6-4.

Section B pacesetters Pontefract Cue Club E overcame Cue Club G 6-4.

Cue Club E are eight points clear of closest rivals Smawthorne B who lost 8-2 at Cue Club B.

Progressive B, Smawthorne A and St Joseph’s A all achieved 10-0 victories.

Garforth WMC D have a 12-point lead in Section C after making it nine wins from 10 matches with an 8-2 success at Smawthorne C.

Pontefract Cue Club A and Rockware A stepped up their Section D title challenges by collecting maximum points against Pontefract Bowling B and YMCA A respectively.

New leaders Cue Club A are two points clear of Rockware A and Kippax Ex Service B, who slippped to an 8-2 defeat at Pontefract Conservatives B.

RESULTS - Section A: Elmet A 6, Green Bowling A 4; Garforth WMC B 2, Ponte Cue Club F 8; Great Preston A 8, Rothwell WMC A; Kippax Central B 8, B and S Sports Club A 2; Ladybalk A 2, Swillington Welf D 8; Ponte Bowling A v4, Prince of Wales B 6; Roundhill A 6, Ponte Cue Club C 4; Smawthorne D 4, Great Preston C 6.

Section B: Carleton B 8, NADS A 2; Knottingley Cons B 2, Swillington Welf C 8; Ponte Cue Club B 8, Smawthorne B 2; Ponte Cue Club E 6, Ponte Cue Club G 4; Ponte Social A 0, Progressive B 10; Rockware B 0, Smawthorne A 10; St Joseph’s A 10, Garforth WMC C 0; Townville A 6, Garforth CC A 4.

Section C: Edward B 10, Ponte Cue Club D 0; Garforth WMC A 8, Rockware C 2; Green Bowling B 2, Carleton A 8; Prince of Wales A 8, Queen Victoria 2; Progressive A 2, Ponte Cons A 8; Smawthorne C 2, Garforth WMC D 8; Swillington Welf A 6, Swillington Social A 4; Swillington Welf B 4, Featherstone A 6.

Section D: YMCA A 0, Rockware A 10; Garforth CC B 4, Townville B 6; Great Preston B 6, Prince of Wales C 4; Hopetown WMC A 2, Knottingley Cons A 8; Ponte Cons B 8, Kippax Ex Serv B 2; Ponte Cue Club A 10, Ponte Bowling B 0; Swillington Social B 2, Ponte Social B 8.

POSITIONS - Section A: Ponte Cue Club F played 10, won 8, points 66; Great Preston A 10-7-62; Ladybalk A 10-7-62; Great Preston C 10-7-56; Swillington Welf D 10-6-54; Prince of Wales B 10-7-54; Ponte Cue Club C 10-5-52; Garforth WMC B 10-5-50; Elmet A 10-5-50; B and S Sports Club A 10-3-48; Ponte Bowling A 10-5-46; Kippax Central B 10-5-46; Smawthorne D 10-4-44; Rothwell WMC A 10-3-42; Green Bowling A 10-2-36; Roundhill A 10-1-32.

Section B: Ponte Cue Club E 10-8-70; Smawthorne B 10-6-62; Townville A 10-6-58; Ponte Social A 10-6-56; Knottingley Cons B 10-5-54; Swillington Welf C 9-5-48; Ponte Cue Club G 10-4-48; St Joseph’s A 8-5-46; Progressive B 9-5-46; Smawthorne A 10-5-46; Ponte Cue Club B 10-3-44; Carleton B 10-5-44; NADS A 10-4-42; Garforth WMC C 10-5-42; Garforth CC A 10-3-40; Rockware B 10-3-34.

Section C: Garforth WMC D 10-9-78; Garforth WMC A 10-7-66; Ponte Cue Club D 10-6-48; Queen Victoria 10-6-56; Carleton A 10-5-54; Prince of Wales A 10-6-54; Featherstone A 10-7-54; Edward B 10-5-52; Swillington Welf B 10-4-51; Rockware C 10-6-51; Smawthorne C 10-4-44; Ponte Cons A 10-3-40; Swillington Welf A 10-6-40; Swillington Social A 10-2-36; Green Bowling B 10-2-36; Progressive A 10-2-30.

Section D: Ponte Cue Club A 10-7-66; Rockware A 10-8-64; Kippax Ex-Serv B 10-8-64; Townville B 10-7-62; Kippax Ex serv A 9-7-60; Ponte Cons B 10-6-56; Knottingley Cons A 10-3-49; Prince of Wales C 10-4-46; Garforth CC B 10-4-46; Ponte Bowling B 10-5-44; Hopetown WMC A 10-3-42; Great Preston B 9-4-40; Swillington Social B 10-3-40; Ponte Social B 9-2-37; YMCA A 10-2-34; St Joseph’s B 9-4-30.