Defending champions snatch top spot

Leaders YMCA D are now one point ahead of title rivals YMCA E.

DEFENDING champions YMCA D are the new leaders in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League.

YMCA D, a team consisting entirely of veterans who are carrying the flag for all the older players in the league, achieved two 6-4 wins over YMCA B. One of the games was a re-arranged fixture from October.

YMCA D are now one point ahead of title rivals YMCA E from the same number of games played.

Phil Cawser was YMCA D’s man of the match in the first game. He beat Graham Wylie and Chris Inman over four sets and John Keegan over three.

Keith Powell defeated Wylie and Keegan over three sets each but lost over five to Inman.

YMCA D’s Gordon Cooper had an off-night, losing all his games over three.

Cawser and Powell won the doubles, beating Inman and Keegan over three sets.

Cawser also won all his three singles games in the second meeting between the sides.

Wylie again lost to Cawser over three, but beat Powell over four and Ian Instone over three.

Inman lost to Cawser over three and Powell over four but beat Instone over four.

John Keegan beat Instone over three but lost to Cawser over three and Powell over four sets. In a repeat of their previous doubles result, Cawser and Powell beat Inman and Keegan in the doubles.

YMCA E won 6-4 at YMCA C.

Guy Morris was YMCA C’s best player. He beat Thomas Wilkinson over four sets by deuce in the latter and Jamie Rusling in a very close game over four sets by deuce in the third and fourth sets. He lost over three sets to YMCA E man of the match Daniel Ferguson.

Paul Morris lost to Ferguson over three and Wilkinson over five sets, but took a very close game off Rusling. After losing the first two sets, Morris played exceptionally well to win the next three.

Stanley Alderson found himself completely outplayed, losing all his singles games over three sets. He made amends in the doubles when he combined with Paul Morris to beat Wilkinson and Rusling over five close sets.

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