Dyson wins deciding game to knock league champions YMCA D out of cup

YMCA E beat YMCA D in the Knock-out Cup second round.
YMCA E beat YMCA D in the Knock-out Cup second round.

YMCA E beat reigning league champions YMCA D 5-4 in the Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League Knock-out Cup second round.

The teams drew 5-5 in a recent league match and the cup clash was also very close.

The outcome was almost a repeat of the league fixture earlier this month only this time, without the doubles, there was no chance of a draw.

Phil Cawser put YMCA D ahead by beating Sarah Dyson over three sets.

YMCA E’s Peter France levelled the scores by beating Ian Instone in three sets but YMCA D edged back in front when Keith Powell overcame Daniel Ferguson over four sets.

France squared matters by reversing his previous result against Cawser by a considerable margin by winning in three sets.

Dyson lost to Powell over three but it was level pegging again when Ferguson overcame Instone in three. YMCA E man of the match France bagged his third win by beating Powell narrowly over four sets but Cawser made it 4-4 by defeating Ferguson in three sets.

The match was decided by the result of the final game between Dyson and Instone.

Dyson had previously beaten Instone over four sets but this time she beat him over three sets, 12-10 in the latter.

YNMCA B won 5-2 in their second round game against C Station B.

Chris Inman won two games, beating Marc Lumb over three sets and John Wainwright narrowly over five sets, the last two by deuce.

Carl Keegan beat Lumb narrowly over five close sets and an unnamed player over four.

John Keegan beat Wainwright over five sets, having lost the first two. and the unnamed player over three.

YMCA A won 5-2 at Ferrybridge A in the second round.

Ferrybridge’s Alan Yip beat Rob Connell over five sets. but lost to Steve Morris over three.

Tim Condon lost to Peter Hugill, but rallied in his next game to beat Connell over three.

Ferrybridge’s Dennis Shaw lost to Morris over three sets. He gave Morris a fright in the first set by taking a big lead but eventually lost 13-11.

Shaw lost his next game to Hugill - and the match - over three sets.

In YMCA C’s 5-1 cup win over C Station A, Paul Morris beat Keith Lumb over three sets, but lost to Richard Lumb over five sets.

John Spedding beat Keith and Richard Fry over four sets while Nigel Brook beat Richard Lumb narrowly over four sets and Richard Fry over three sets.

In a league match, YMCA B eased to a 10-0 victory over C Station A.

Chris Inman began the evening beating Keith Lumb over three sets. He went on to beat Richard Lumb over five sets, albeit dropping a couple of points overall, before rounding off his singles by defeating Andy Adams over three sets.

John Keegan beat Keith Lumb over four sets and Adams and Richard Lumb over three, the last set by 12-10.

Carl Keegan continued his improved play by beating Richard Lumb narrowly over four sets, and Adams over five, taking the last two sets. He had another tight match with Keith Lumb but managed to win over four close sets.

YMCA B won the doubles.