Favourites beaten in pairs final

Castleford's Queens Park will host two tournaments on Sunday.
Castleford's Queens Park will host two tournaments on Sunday.

Townville’s Christine Lynch and Keith Smith won the Urban Sports sponsored Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s mixed pairs trophy at Garforth Rec BC on Sunday.

They beat favourites Rob Lloyd and Karen Portman 21-13 in the final.

Second division bowlers Christine and Keith received four points start in the handicap and never looked like losing, only going behind once at 10-11, before taking the lead at the next end and storming to a finish.

Both pairs of finalists had a relatively easier games in the semi-finals beating their respective opponents 21-9, but had more difficult games in the quarter-finals, with Rob and Karen winning 21-19 and Christine and Keith 21-20.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: A Webb/A Hagen 19, R LLoyd/K Portman 21; P Whipp/N Portman 19, G Robinson/V Bradshaw 21; R Owen/J Collinson 21, A Lee/E Riding 19; S Thompson/M O’Donovan 20, C Lynch/K Smith 21. Semi -finals: R LLoyd/K Portman 21, G Robinson/V Bradshaw 9; R Owen/J Collinson 9, C Lynch/K Smith 21. Final: R LLoyd/K Portman 13, C Lynch/K Smith 21.

Castleford Veterans Bowling Association’s Alan Hardisty Challenge Cup and Len Pickersgill Knockout Cup matches will be played on Friday, August 14 (1.30pm start).

The draw, with the team handicaps and venues, is:

Alan Hardisty Challenge Cup: Glasshoughton A (scr) v Hawhill Park A (12) at Featherstone, Sherburn A (12) v Queens Park A (scr) at Ferrybridge.

Len Pickersgill Knockout Cup: Garforth Rec B (36) v Swillington A (24) at Allerton today (August 6), Valley Gardens A (24) v Garforth CC B (36) at Castleford Town.

The Association’s Margaret and Peter Holleran sponsored ladies individual merit competition will be played at Rothwell BC tomorrow (Friday, 11am scratch). Dress code applies.

Castleford’s Queens Park will host two Castleford and District Crown Green Bowls Association tournaments on Sunday.

The YMCA gents individual handicapped competition will start at 10am and it will be followed by the YMCAladies individual merit tournament (noon start).

Dress code applies for both competitions.

The 33 entrants for the gents tournament are:

M Brain, D Thomas, Ryan Lloyd, J Thomas (Glasshoughton), S Thompson, Rob Lloyd (Glasshoughton/Savile), A Webb (Glasshoughton/Ossett Flying Horse), K Smith, T Wright (Townville), L Collins, Mark Harrap, S Waite, R Owen (Queens Park), A Lee, W Kemp, C Young, M Young, M Lee (Valley Gardens), M Hill senior, M Hill junior (Pontefract), A Box, N Webster, G Gidman (Smirthwaite), D Dobson (Ferrybridge/Castleford), J Gibson, D Rundle (Ferrybridge), .E Parker (Allerton/Pontefract), J Swales (Allerton/Castleford), K Curry, D Hogg, M Sherman (Allertonn), G Portman, D wolfinden (Savile).

The nine entrants for the ladies tournament are:

A Hagen (Glasshoughton/Ossett Flying Horse), C Lynch (Townville), S Hill (Pontefract), L Dye (Castleford), P Stewart, K Butterfield (Valley Gardens), V Bradshaw (Allerton/Ferrybridge), N Eustace (Allerton/Feathers tone), C Sutcliffe (Methley),

Meanwhile, Castleford and district veterans lost 34-22 to Huddersfield in Friday’s inter district match.

Castleford won the home leg 22-6 but were beaten 28-0 in the away leg.

The results (Castleford players named first):

Home leg: R Green 20, R Stockford 21; R Gore 21, R Manning 20; T Booth 21, P Green 14; D Dobson 15, D Garner 21; P Linley 21, F Griffin 20; B Clarke 21, D Walls 10; S Bridges 21, V Smith 7; I Lewis 21, D pollard 11.

Away leg: E Greenough 18, F Greenwood 21; A Box 16, T Rangely 21; G Robinson 10, G brook 21; M Sherman 10, D Gibson 21; E Parker 8, M Cox 21; B Riddiough 7, J Hoyle 21; J Lynch 6, T Sykes 21; D Hogg 4, D Bernard 21.

Latest positions in the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association:


Division 1: Smirthwaite A played 15, won 12, points 2211; Pontefract A 15-9-2187; Glasshoughton A 14-13-2175; Queens Park A 15-9-2139; Allerton Bywater A 15-6-2012; Pontefract B 15-5-1999; Ferrybridge A 15-6-1940; Castleford Town B 14-8-1939; Hawhill Park A 15-5-1924; Glasshoughton B 15-4-1851; Savile Park 14-5-1828; Fryston A 14-5-1786;

Division 2: Townville 13-11-1990; Valley Gardens A 12-10-1832; Allerton Bywater B 13-7-1788; Ferrybridge B 13-7-1710; Smirthwaite B 11-8-1595; Pontefract C 13-6-1591; Queens Park B 12-4-1589; Featherstone A 11-6-1538; Hawhill Park B 12-2-1429; Valley Gardens B 12-0-1174.


Glasshoughton 16-15-1273; Queens Park A 16-12-1215; Allerton Bywater 16-9-1181; Valley Ridge 16-12-1167; Townville 16-10-1112; Valley Gardens 16-7-1060; Queens Park B 15-9-1054; Featherstone 15-7-1009; Kippax 16-3-966; Methley 16-3-926; Ferrybridge 15-3-835; Hawhill Park 15-1-706.


Division 1: Savile Park 11-6-1580; Pontefract A 10- 9- 1478; Fryston 10-5-1406; Allerton Bywater A 10-6-1364; Ferrybridge 10-3-1319; Valley Gardens 11-0-1282; Castleford Town B 9-4-1251; Glasshoughton A 8- 7-1204; Townville 9-2-1198.

Division 2: Pontefract B 10-7-1415; Queens Park 10-4-1333; Featherstone 9-5-1171; Smirthwaite 8-4-1101; Hawhill 9-3-1077.


Premier: Rothwell BC A 14-11-1570; Queens Park A 14-6-1425; Garforth Country Club A 13-8-1395; Colton A 14-7-1385; Valley Ridge A 14-5-1369; Glasshoughton A 13-7-1365; Smirthwaite A 13-7-1359; Pontefract A 13-7-1332; Castleford Town A 12-7-1317; Garforth Recreation A 13-5-1282; Kippax A 13-3-1183.

Section A: Savile Park A 12-7-1246; Allerton 11-9-1240; Sherburn A 12-5- 239; Glasshoughton B 12-6-1230; Hawhill Park A 11-6-1168; Ferrybridge A 11-7-1155; Pontefract B 11-6-1143; Townville 11-6-1142; Methley A 11-3- 087; Colton B 12-2-1043.

Section B: Swillington A 11-9-1270; Rothwell Park B 12-7-1240; Valley Gardens A 12-5-1211; Castleford Town B 11-9-1207; Rothwell BC B 11-7-1194; Woodlesford A 12-7-1187; Smirthwaite B 12-3-1153; Rothwell Park A 11-7-1071; Aberford 11-2-975; Swillington B 11-1-936.

Section C: Featherstone 11-9-1228; Garforth Recreation B 11-7-1208; Garforth CC B 11-6-1127; Queens Park B 10-6-1113; Valley Ridge B 11-5-1091; Hawhill Park B 11-5-1089; Valley Gardens B 11-1-958; Ferrybridge B 9-6-881; Sherburn B 9-2-860.


Division 1: Ossett Flying Horse 11-11-1336; Garforth Recreation 12-5-1125; Pontefract 11- 6-1102; Wakefield 11-2-889; Methley 9-3-775.