Festival qualifying matches take place next week

All matches start at 6.30pm and are sponsored by McTigue Funeral Directors.
All matches start at 6.30pm and are sponsored by McTigue Funeral Directors.

QUALIFYING matches for next month’s Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association annual festival at Pontefract Bowling Club will be played next week.

All matches start at 6.30pm and are sponsored by McTigue Funeral Directors.

Two pairs will qualify from each green in the mixed pairs qualifiers which take place next Monday, June 19.

Smirthwaite: K Smith/C Lynch, M Smith/J Smith, J Shipley/V Bradshaw, Ryan Lloyd/A Hagen, G Bradbury/D Bradbury, R Owen/J Collinson, S Portman/P Walton, R Boyes/M Boyes, M Brain/J Brain, R Lloyd/K Portman.

Hawhill: S Thompson/M Chambers, D Thomas/J Johnson, D Dobson/L Dye, M Hill senior/S Hill, M Mace/A Charlotte, M Hill junior/E Charlotte, P Whipp/N Portman, E Parker/N Eustace, M Harrap/P Batty, A Box/partner.

The gents pairs qualifiers are at Garforth on Tuesday. Four pairs will qualify.

Garforth: S Thompson/R Lloyd, R Owen/P Kendall, M Harrap/D Harrap, P Whipp/M Mace, S Portman/Ryan Lloyd, E Parker/M Brain, J Swales/G Portman, K Curry/D Dalton, M Watson/A Box, R Brown/J Shipley, D Dobson/G Bradbury.

The gents individual qualifiers at Townville and Ferrybridge next Wednesday will see two qualify from each green.

Townville: D Dobson, J Shipley, J Swales, G Portman, M Firth, D Harrap, Rob Lloyd, D Hogg, N Webster, R Oewn.

Ferrybridge: L Massey, Ryan Lloyd, M Brain, S Waite, A Box, S Portman, P Whipp, E Parker, S Thompson.

Next Thursday’s ladies individual qualifier will be held at Queens Park, with four qualifying.

Queens Park: M Chambers, J Brain, L Dye, S Hill, P Walton, K Portman, N Portman, N Eustace, V Bradshaw, A Hagen.

Four pairs will go forward from the ladies pairs qualifier at Allerton next Friday, June 23.

Allerton: C Lynch/K Jones, M Chambers/J Brain, V Bradshaw/L Dye, L Armstrong/J Tams, M West/J Slater, H Bartle/M Birkenshaw, J Johnson/C Sutcliffe, K Portman/N Portman, P Walton/M Boyes.

Castleford and District Veterans Association play Huddersfield in an inter-district league match tomorrow (Friday). The home leg is at Rothwell BC (1.30pm start).

Latest positions in the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association are:


Division 1: Savile Park A played 9, won 7, points 1293; Valley Gardens A 9-2-1210 Castleford Town 8-6-1159; Pontefract A 8-5-1112; Glasshoughton A 7-7-1107; Pontefract B 8-3-1062; Allerton Bywater A 8-4-1050; Smirthwaite A 7-7-1047; Ferrybridge A 8-1-1013; Smirthwaite B 8-1-944; Glasshoughton B 8-1-936.

Division 2: Fryston 9-8-1353; Ferrybridge B 9-5-1194; Pontefract C 8-3-1053; Hawhill Park A 7-6-1044; Townville 7-4-996; Allerton Bywater B 7-3-922; Hawhill Park B 7-3-910; Queens Park B 7-4-903; Featherstone 7-3-888; Savile Park B 8-1-865; Valley Gardens B 6-0-631.


Glasshoughton 9-8-729; Allerton Bywater 8-8-618; Townville 8-6-595; Queens Park 8-4-555; Hawhill Park 8-4-536; Kippax 8-2-513; Featherstone 7-4-482; Ferrybridge 7-5-457; Valley Ridge 8-0-430; Methley 7-1-410; Valley Gardens 8-1-381.


Division 1: Glasshoughton 3-3-464; Pontefract A 3-2-450; Ferrybridge A 3-2-444; Castleford Town 3-2-422; Savile Park 3-1-387; Allerton Bywater 3-0-380; Fryston 3-1-372; Smirthwaite 3-1-350.

Division 2: Townville 6-2-834; Pontefract B 5-4-752; Ferrybridge B 5-5-747; Valley Gardens 6-0-699; Featherstone 4-2-525.


Premier: Rothwell BC A 8-6-910; Pontefract A 8-4-869; Ferrybridge A 8-6-864; Valley Ridge A 8-4-844; Smirthwaite A 8-5-830; Cas Town A 8-3-816; Glasshoughton A 8-4-810; Colton A 8-4-784; Garforth Rec A 8-1-759; Garforth CC A 8-4-754; Queens Park A 7-5-694; Tadcaster 7-1-680.

Section A: Hawhill Park A 8-4-819; Magnet Sports 7-4-781; Aberford A 8-3-780; Cas Town B 7-5-750; Townville 7-4-724; Sherburn A 7-3-721; Savile Park A 7-4-715; Allerton 7-2-694; Woodlesford A 6-5-664; Pontefract B 7-3-629; Kippax 7-2-597.

Section B: Glasshoughton B 8-8-895; Swillington A 7-6-855; Smirthwaite B 8-2-787; Rothwell Park A 7-4-765; Valley Gardens A 7-4-732; Colton B 8-2-711; Manston Park 7-3-702; Methley 7-2-660; Featherstone 7-3-659; Ferrybridge B 7-3-651; Rothwell Park B 7-1-633.

Section C: Rothwell BC B 8-8-917; Garforth Rec B 8-7-915; Queens Park B 8-5-878; Garforth CC B 8-5-857; Swillington B 8-3-807; Valley Ridge B 8-3-806; Hawhill Park B 8-3-772; Savile Park B 8-4-758; Aberford B 8-3-739; Woodlesford B 8-2-732; Sherburn B 7-4-719; Valley Gardens B 7-0-513.


Division 1: Ossett Flying Horse 6-5-685; Pontefract 6-2-644; Castleford Town 5-4-563; Methley 6-0-472; Garforth Rec 5-1-414.