Fryston winner Gareth has plenty to carp about

Gareth Gill landed a winning 38lb 12oz.
Gareth Gill landed a winning 38lb 12oz.

GARETH GILL, who drew a top peg, used his skill to winkle enough carp to win Fryston Angling Club’s latest winter league match on Deer pond at Pollington’s Viking Fishery on Sunday with 38lb 12oz.

Roy Copley was second with 32lb 12oz, Steve Bean third with 26lb 6oz and Geoff Vause fourth with 24lb 9oz.

Richard Scott won Saturday’s regular Viking Fishery oppen match on Hawk pond with 73lb 5oz, caught entirely on maggot.

Jonathan Pell was second with 57 lb, Jimmy Slaughter third with 39lb 9 oz and Dave Playford fourth with 34lb 5oz.

This Saturday’s open is on Deer pond.

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