Glasshoughton pair retain bowls title

Glasshoughton's Stuart Thompson and Rob Lloyd retained the pairs title.
Glasshoughton's Stuart Thompson and Rob Lloyd retained the pairs title.

Glasshoughton’s Stuart Thompson and Rob Lloyd retained Castleford and District Bowling Association’s pairs title at Garforth Rec BC on Sunday.

They beat Alan Box and Mark Watson of Smirthwaite 21-12 in the final.

Stuart and Rob overcame a succession of Glasshoughton players, beating father and son David and Josh Thomas in the first round, Mark Brain and Andy Webb in the quarter finals and Val Bradshaw and Geoff Robinson in the semis.

Alan and Mark pipped Savile Park’s Steve Portman and partner Ryan Lloyd of Glasshoughton 21-20 in the quarterfinals and then defeated Townville’s Keith Jones and Tony Wright in the semis.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: S Thompson/R Lloyd 21, M Brain/A Webb 16; V Bradshaw/G Robinson 21, K Smith/C Lynch 9; K Jones/A Wright 21, J Sharp/D Dobson 12; S Portman/Ryan Lloyd 20, A Box/M Watson 21; Semi finals: S Thompson/R Lloyd 21, V Bradshaw/G Robinson 11; K Jones/A Wright 12, A Box/M Watson 21. Final: S Thompson/R Lloyd 21, A Box/M Watson 12.

Seventeen pairs will compete in Castleford and District Veterans Bowling Association’s pairs competition at Allerton Bywater BC next Tuesday (11am), with the final next Thursday (11am).

Dress code applies. The entrants are:

K Thomas/M Boyes, M Croxall/P Walton, J Lynch/E Greenough, F Agar/ H Boulton, M Harrap/S Wright, C Lynch/K Smith, D Ellis/K Jones, G Robinson/A Box, D Rundle/G Bradbury, D Dobson/D Milnes, D Charleston/J Charleston, D Kirkbride/B Kirkbride, R Willett/R Brown, S Portman/I Lewis, E Parker/P Baddeley, D Hogg/K Curry, M Sherman/D Render.

Pontefract B (scr) and Ferrybridge (scr) meet at Allerton Bywater in the Hospice Cup next Monday (6.30pm start).All the other teams have a bye.

Association placings are:


Division 1: Smirthwaite A played 4, won 4, points 624; Ferrybridge A 4-3-584; Glasshoughton A 4-3-572; Savile Park A 4-2-569; Castleford Town 4-3-558; Allerton Bywater A 4-2-550; Queens Park A 4-1-540; Pontefract A 4-1-536; Valley Gardens A 4-2-533; Pontefract B 4-1-507; Hawhill Park A 4-2-506; Townville 4-0-409.

Division 2: Allerton Bywater B 4- 3- 588; Pontefract C 4-2-537; Ferrybridge B 4-1-531; Valley Gardens B 4-1-499; Savile Park B 4-2-431; Queens Park B 3-1-389; Featherstone 3-1-386; Smirthwaite B 2-2-314; Fryston 2-2-270; Glasshoughton B 2-1-262; Hawhill Park B 2-0-192.


Glasshoughton 5-5-393; Townville 5-4-328; Allerton Bywater 4-4-325; Queens Park 5-1-312; Valley Ridge 4-3-308; Featherstone 4-3-284; Ferrybridge 4-1-257; Methley 4-1-219; Hawhill Park 4-0-208; Kippax 4-1-194; Valley Gardens 3-0-154.


Division 1: Glasshoughton 6-6-954; Pontefract A 6-4-839; Fryston 6-4-836; . Ferrybridge 6-2-810; Castleford Town 5-4-750; Valley Gardens 6-1-748; Hawhill Park 6-0-666; Smirthwaite 5-1-631; Allerton Bywater 4-4-581; Savile Park 4-2-532; Featherstone 4-2-518; Pontefract B 4-2-498; Townville 4-1-461.


Premier: Rothwell BC A 4-3-448; Smirthwaite A 4-3-439; Garforth CC A 4-3-428; Allerton 4-2-408; Queens Park A 4-2-404; Glasshoughton A 4-1-387; Cas Town A 4-1-383; Garforth Rec A 3-3-319; Pontefract A 3-2-317; Valley Ridge A 3-0-267; Townville 3-0-247.

Section A: Savile Pk A 2-2-222; Colton A 2-1-218; Kippax 2-1-210; Hawhill Pk A 2-1-207; Swillington A 2-1-200; Pontefract B 2-1-199; Ferrybridge A 2-1-199; Cas Tn B 2-2-198; Sherburn A 2-0-171; Glasshoughton B 2-0-171.

Section B: Woodlesford A 2-1-227; Aberford A 2-1-222; Featherstone 2-1-221; Valley Gardens A 2-1-219; Rothwell Park B 2-2-216; Rothwell Park A 2-1-200; Queens Park B 2-1-199; Colton B 2-1-193; Methley 2-1-184; Rothwell BC B 2-0-181.

Section C: Smirthwaite B 4-3-439; Sherburn B 4-3-436; Garforth Rec B 4-2-418; Woodlesford B 4-3-413; Ferrybridge B 4-2-400; Valley Gardens B 4-2-399; Aberford B 4-3-396; Hawhill Park B 4-2-386; Valley Ridge B 4-1-384; Swillington B 4-1-383; Garforth CC B 4-1-376; Savile Park B 4-1-358.


Division 1: Garforth Rec 4-2-369; Ossett Flying Horse 3-3-363; Wakefield 4-1-342; Queens Park 3-2-319; Pontefract 3-1-297; Methley 3-0-271.