High standard of bowling at annual festival

Rob Lloyd retained the gents individual title.
Rob Lloyd retained the gents individual title.

Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s annual festival at Pontefract Bowling Club last weekend was a huge success.

The festival, sponsored by McTigue Funeral Directors, saw top bowlers compete in five finals over two days.

On a very fast Pontefract green, it was always going to be a challenge, even for the fancied bowlers.

Throughout the festival, a succession of bowlers tried to put good leads up on a tricky surface.

It was the touch bowlers who triumphed in the end with a high standard of bowling throughout the weekend.

Last year’s losing finalist Eunice Riding went one better by winning the ladies individual title while Rob Lloyd lifted the men’s individual championship for the third successive year.

The organisers thanked sponsors McTigue, Pontefract Bowling Club for allowing the use of their green and the ladies in the tearoom for their superb catering over the weekend.


Ladies individual - Quarterfinals: E Riding 21, P Walton 12; S Hill 21, A Hagen 19; C Lynch 15, J Collinson 21; L Dye 17, N Eustace 21. Semi-finals: E Riding 21, S Hill 5; J Collinson 21, N Eustace 10. Final: E Riding 21, J Collinson 10.

Gents pairs - Quarterfinals: A Lee/W Kemp 5, D Harrap/M Harrap 21; S Portman/Ryan LLoyd 21, D Dobson/R Martin 3; D Thomas/D Baines 21, C King/D Watson 15; M Brain/A Webb 21, R Lloyd/S Thompson 11; Semi-finals: D Harrap/M Harrap 10, S Portman/Ryan Lloyd 21; D Thomas/D Baines 16, M Brain/A Webb 21. Final: S Portman/Ryan Lloyd 10, M Brain/A Webb 21.

Ladies pairs - Quarterfinals: C Sutcliffe/J Johnson 21, J Hill/S Hill 4; T Newbould/D Mattison 15, A Charlotte/H Charlotte 21; J Brain/A Hagen 21, P Walton/M Boyes 15; K Portman/M Chambers 21, L Dye/B Lumb 15. Semi-finals: C Sutcliffe/J Johnson 21, A Charlotte/H Charlotte 13; J Brain/A Hagen 12, K Portman/M Chambers 21. Final: C Sutcliffe/JJohnson 21, K Portman/M Chambers 10.

Gents individual - Quarterfinals: D Thomas 21, S Thompson 14; J Swales 9, E Parker 21; Rob Lloyd 21, M Brain 12; M Young 15, Ryan Lloyd 21. Semi-finals: D Thomas 21, E Parker 8; Rob LLoyd 21, Ryan LLoyd 10. Final: D Thomas 19, Rob Lloyd 21.

Mixed pairs - Quarterfinals: S Thompson/M O’Donovan 7, A Webb/A Hagen 21; S Portman/P Walton 11, JJ Durham/S Carroll 21; E Parker/N Eustace 7, M Brain/J Brain 21; E.Riding/M.Sherman 7, K Portman/R Lloyd 21. Semi-finals: A Webb/A Hagen 21, JJ Durham/S Carroll 13; M Brain/J Brain 15, K Portman/R Lloyd 21. Final: A Webb/A Hagen 9, K Portman/ R Lloyd 21.

Unclaimed festival raffle numbers were 758, 471, 1113, 692, 942, 943, 737, 884, 550. Anyone with those numbers should see Pat or ring 0113-2863891.

Glasshoughton A won the Association’s Hospice Cup final, beating Valley Gardens 161 -130 at Ferrybridge BC.

Fryston and Savile Park meet in the Hospice Plate final at Hawhill Park BC next Monday (6.30pm start). Dress code applies.

There are 32 entrants for Castleford and District Veterans Bowling Association’s singles handicap competition at Valley Ridge BC next Tuesday. The final will be played next Thursday.

The scratch time is 11am both days and dress code applies. The entrants are:

K Smith, D Ellis, C Lynch, K Jones, A Box, K Curry, E Parker, D Hogg, B Mercer, J Lynch, E Greenhough, D Rundle, D Dobson, G Bradbury, G Robinson, A Glenn, I Lewis, S portmann, L Collins, J Sharp, D White, J Varley, P Batty, J Evans, T Wilson, B Hubbard, A Walstow, L Dye, L White, E Riding, T Hawkin, R Brown.

Latest positions in the Castleford and District Association:


Division 1: Glasshoughton A played 12, won 11, points 1873; Smirthwaite A 12-10-1813; Queens Park A 12-7-1733; Pontefract A 12-7-1731; Castleford Town B 12-6-1612; Pontefract B 12-5-1607; Hawhill Park A 12-5-1605; Ferrybridge A 12-4-1511; Fryston A 12-3-1502; Glasshoughton B 12-3-1469; Allerton Bywater A 11-5-1455; Savile Park 11-4-1439.

Division 2: Valley Gardens A 10- 8- 1531; Smirthwaite B 10-7-1441; Allerton Bywater B 10-5-1375; Townville 9-7-1343; Ferrybridge B 10-6-1325; Pontefract C 10-5- 261;0 Featherstone A 9-5-1239; Hawhill Park B 10-2-1177; Queens Park B 9-3-1155; Valley Gardens B 9- 0-911.


Glasshoughton 13-12-1029; Allerton Bywater 13-6-934; Queens Park A 12-10-921; Valley Gardens 13-6-886; Valley Ridge 12-8-864; Queens Park B 12-8-861; Townville 12-8-834; Featherstone 12-5- 817; Kippax 12-3-738; Ferrybridge 13-3-736; Methley 12-3-714; Hawhill Park 12-0-524.


Division 1: Pontefract A 9-9-1352; Savile Park 9-5-1288; Fryston 9-4-1257; Allerton Bywater A 9-5-1207; Glasshoughton A 7-6-1045; Ferrybridge 8-2-1038; Valley Gardens 9-0-1033; Castleford Town B 7-2-948; Townville 7- 2- 921.

Division 2: Pontefract B 8-5-1112; Queens Park 8-3-1054; Featherstone 8-4-1030; Smirthwaite 7-4-1005; Hawhill 7-3-854.


Premier: Rothwell BC A 11-9-1250; Cas Town A 11-6-1191; Smirthwaite A 11-7-1170; Pontefract A 11-6-1142; Glasshoughton A 11-5-1137; Colton A 11-5-1104; Garforth Rec A 11- 5-1101; Queens Park A 11-4-1093; Garforth CC A 10- 6- 1060; 10. Valley Ridge ‘A’ 11- 4- 1055; 11. Kippax A 11-3-1010.

Section A: 01. Allerton 9-8-1003; Sherburn A 9-4-951;Ferrybridge A 9-6-949; Hawhill Park A 9-5-946; Savile Park A 9-5-935;Pontefract B 9-5-932; Townville 9- 5-932; Glasshoughton B 9-3-886; Methley A 9-3-880; Colton B 9-1-743.

Section B: 01. Swillington A 9-8-1057; Cas Town B 9-7-992; Rothwell BC B 9-6-990; Rothwell Park B 9-6-938; Valley Gardens A 9-4-922; Woodlesford A 9-5-878; Rothwell Park A 9-6-856; Smirthwaite B 9-1-823; Aberford 9-1-789; Swillington B 9-1-775.

Section C: Garforth Rec B 8-6-902; Featherstone 8-6-887; Queens Park B 8-5-887; Garforth CC B 8-4-803; Valley Ridge B 8-4-794; Ferrybridge B 8-5-782; Hawhill Park B 8-3-774; Sherburn B 8-2-758; Valley Gardens B 8-1-741.


Division 1: 01. Ossett Flying Horse 9- 9-1084; Pontefract 9-4-883; Garforth Rec 9-4-847; Methley 9-3-775; Wakefield 8-2-664

l Castleford and district veterans take on Skipton in an inter district match tomorrow (Friday, 1.30pm).

The home leg is at Pontefract and the away leg is at Skipton Craven.

Castleford ‘s teams for the two matchess are:\

Home team: S Bridges (captain), R Green, R Robbins, B Riding, R Willett, R Gore, B Clarke (Glasshoughton), T Booth (Valley Ridge), I Lewis (Savile Park), P Linley (Rothwell BC).

Away leg: P Holleran (captain), B Mercer, B Riddiough, J Lynch, E Greenough, F Agar, E Parker (Pontefract), D Hogg, M Sherman (Allerton), A Box (Smirthwaite), G Robinson (Glasshoughton).