Johnson in outstanding form in YMCA E’s victory

Barry Johnson won all his singles matches.
Barry Johnson won all his singles matches.

YMCA E revived their Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League title bid by winning 7-3 at Ferrybridge A.

Barry Johnson won all his singles matches as YMCA E bounced back from a narrow defeat against leaders YMCA D.

Ferrybridge’s Alan Yip beat Ben France over five sets but lost a five setter against Johnson after winning the first two.

Johnson made the best use of his defensive play by returning some attacking shots beyond Yip’s reach.

Yip made amends beating Tom Wilkinson convincingly over four sets.

Ferrybridge’s Tim Condon and Dennis Shaw both lost all their games.

Shaw was edged out narrowly by France in a five setter.

Condon and Shaw won the doubles by beating France and Wilkinson in four sets after losing the first set.

YMCA A won 8-2 at Ferrybridge B, for whom veteran Marcus Hookham was shown no mercy by both Rob Connell and Peter Hugill who beat him over three sets.

In his final singles against John Spedding, Hookham lost the first 10-12 and won the next 11-7 before running out of steam and losing the next two.

Ferrybridge’s defeat was tough on Dave Cooper. He beat Spedding three sets and Hugill over four sets but lost to Connell over four sets. Cooper lost the first set 10-12 and won the second by the same margin but lost the next two.

Robert McNaught could not add to Ferrybridge’s score, losing all his games each over three sets.

Connell and Hugill beat Cooper and McNaught in the doubles.

Chris Inman and John Keegan were was outstanding for YMCA B in a 7-3 win against YMCA C.

Inman beat Paul Morris narrowly over four sets, the first by 16-14, and defeated both Stan Alderson and Jamie Rusling in three sets.

Keegan emulated Inman by beating Morris over four and Rusling and Alderson over three sets each.

Carl Keegan lost to Morris over four sets and Rusling over five but in his final game he beat Alderson over four.

C Station B won 7-3 at C Station A.

The home team began well with Keith Lumb beating an unnamed player over three sets. His luck changed when he faced his son Richard to whom he lost, for the first tme in competition, over five sets.

Keith Lumb also lost to John Wainwright over three.

C Station B’s Andy Adams beat Wainwright over four very competitive sets, the latter 15-13, and also defeated an unnamed player over three, but lost to in-form Richard Lumb over three. Marc Lumb, loaned to his grandfather Keith’s team as substitute, lost all his three matches. Wainwright and Richard Lumb won the doubles.