Keegan loses unbeaten record against YMCA A

YMCA A captain Peter Hugill won all his three games.
YMCA A captain Peter Hugill won all his three games.

Captain Peter Hugill led unbeaten pacesetters YMCA A to a 7-3 win against fourth-placed YMCA B in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League.

Hugill won all his three matches, starting with a victory over YMCA B captain John Keegan whose unbeaten record came to an end when he faced YMCA A for for the first time this season .

Keegan won the first set against Hugill but then lost the next three easily.

Keegan’s teammates fared better. Mark Cambridge played brilliantly to beat Rob Connell for the first time ever in the local league 3–1.

Chris Inman, for only the second time in his career, followed this up with a close 14- 12 win in the fifth set over Steve Morris, a former Leeds Division One player.

Leading 2-1 after the first round of singles, YMCA B could not sustain their challenge and although Cambridge and Inman both played well they, along with Keegan, failed to win another game.

With no quick games on the night, the match could not be completed so YMCA A conceded the doubles

Knottingley A and Knottingley C drew 5-5.

Steve Taylor was Knottingley A’s man of the match, beating Neil Cooper, Bob McNaught and Dave Cooper all in three straight sets.

Knottingley A’s new recruit Nigel Huggins lost to Neil Cooper over four and Dave Cooper over three but beat McNaught over four.

Knottingley A youngster Ross Hall lost narrowly over four to Neil Cooper and McNaught and over three to Dave Cooper.

Taylor and Huggins won the doubles, beating the Coopers over three sets.

Knottingley B won 7-3 at YMCA C.

YMCA C captainNigel Brook won two of his games by beating Dennis Shaw and Tim Condon both over three sets, but he lost over four close sets to man of the match Alan Yip who also defeated Paul Dykes and Rebecca Tennyson-Mason convincingly over three sets each.

Dykes beat Shaw over five sets, but lost to Condon over four. Tennyson-Mason lost to Condon and Shaw over three sets. Yip and Shaw won the doubles to seal Knottingley’s first victory over a YMCA team in many years.

YMCA C won 8-2 against C Station A, for whom Keith Lumb was the only player to turn up.

Lumb bagged two points by beating Nigel Brook over three sets and then Paul Dykes over five sets, the last three by deuce in each.

Lumb lost to Paul Morris over three sets, with the middle set going to deuce.

The remaining games were forfeited in YMCA C’s favour.

League positions: YMCA A played 10, won 10, points 20; YMCA E 8-7-14; YMCA C 10-6-12; YMCA B 8-6-12; YMCA D 9-5-10; Knottingley SC B 9-3-6; Knottingley SC A 10-2-5; Knottingley SC C 10-1-4; C Station A 8-2-4; C Station B 7-0-1.