Leaders Swillington return to action by visiting neighbours Garforth

Swillington Welfare C are four points clear of closest rivals Green Bowling A.
Swillington Welfare C are four points clear of closest rivals Green Bowling A.

SECTION A leaders Swillington Welfare C visit lowly neighbours Garforth Country Club A when the Castleford and District Snooker League resumes this evening (Thursday).

Swillington Welfare C are four points clear of closest rivals Green Bowling A.

Section B pacesetters St Joseph’s A host Pontefract Cue Club I on their return to action after the festive break.

Section C leaders Smawthorne B take on Rockware C and Section D table-toppers Pontefract Social B are home to Kippax Ex-Service B.

Tonight’s fixtures are:

Section A: Garforth CC A v Swillington Welfare C, Garforth WMC B v Ladybalk A, Methley Ex-Serv A v Smawthorne D, Pontefract Cue Club A v Elmet A, Pontefract Cue Club E v Smawthorne C, Pontefract Cue Club H v Pontefract Cue Club F.

Section B: Kippax Central A v Kippax Central B, Pontefract Bowling A v Townville B, Pontefract Cue Club C v Garforth CC B, St Joseph’s A v Ponte Cue Club I, Swillington Welfare A v Garforth WMC C, Townville A v Featherstone B.

Section C: Carleton A v St Joseph’s B, Featherstone A v Pontefract Cue Club G, Green Bowling B v Knottingley Conservatives B, Rockware A v Methley Ex-Service B, Smawthorne B v Rockware C, Swillington Welfare B v Swillington Welfare D, YMCA A v Pontefract Cue Club D.

Section D: Garforth WMC A v Great Preston A, Great Preston B v Kellingley Club A, Kellingley Club B v Pontefract Conservatives B, Pontefract Conservatives A v Pontefract Bowling B, Pontefract Social B v Kippax Ex-Service B, Prince of Wales A v Prince of Wales B.

POSITIONS - Section A: Swillington Welfare C played 14, won 9, points 86; Green Bowling A 14-8-82; Pontefract Cue Club H 14-8-80; Methley Ex-Service Club A 14-9-80; Pontefract Cue Club F 14-8-80; Pontefract Cue Club A 14-8-78; Pontefract Cue Club E 14-7-76; Smawthorne A 14-6-70; Ladybalk A 14-8-70; Elmet A 14-8-66; Garforth WMC B 14-4-64; Smawthorne D 14-6-58; Garforth CC A 14-6-58; Swillington Social A 14-6-54; Smawthorne C 14-4-48.

Section B: St Joseph’s A 13-7-78, Townville B 13-8-75; Garforth WMC D 13-7-72; Garforth WMC C 13-7-71; Pontefract Cue Club C 13-6-70; Featherstone B 13-8-70; Pontefract Cue Club I 13-7-66; Garforth CC B 13-6-64; Townville A 13-7-64; Edward B 13-6-61; Kippax Central B 13-7-60; Kippax Central A 13-5-58; Swillington Welf A 13-4-52; Ponte Bowling A 13-4-51.

Section C: Smawthorne B 14-9-82; Swillington Welfare B 14-8-80; Swillington Welf D 14-8-80; Pontefract Cue Club B 14-8-80; Carleton A 14-8-78; Rockware C 14-7-77; Rockware A 14-7-72; Featherstone A 14-7-72; Pontefract Cue Club G 14-8-72; Green Bowling B 14-6-66; St Joseph’s B 14-7-66; Methley Ex-Service Club B 14-5-63; Knottingley Conservatives B 14-8-62; Pontefract Cue Club D 14-3-50; YMCA A 14-5-50.

Section D: Pontefract Social Club B 12-9-76; Pontefract Cons B 12-8-70; Garforth WMC A 12-7-68; Great Preston B 12-6-66; Kellingley Club A 11-6-62; Kippax Ex-Service B 12-8-60; Kellingley Club B 12-6-58; Prince of Wales B 12-6-58; Great Preston A 12-6-56; Pontefract Cons A 11-4-52; Progressive A 12-5-52; Prince of Wales A 12-3-50; Pontefract Bowling B 12-3-42.