Leaders YMCA A far too good for bottom team

YMCA D captain Gordon Cooper was in good form.
YMCA D captain Gordon Cooper was in good form.

Leaders YMCA A, fielding their strongest team, eased to a 10-0 win over bottom side C Station B in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennnis League.

Steve Morris, Rob Connell and Peter Hugill all beat C Station’s Marc Lumb, Robert White and Richard Lumb over three sets. Morris and Connell defeated White and Richard Lumb in the doubles.

Unbeaten YMCA A were also in top form in a 9-1 victory over C Station A 9-1.

Keith Lumb was C Station’s only winner, beating late stand-in Nigel Brook over five close sets, two of which went to deuce.

YMCA A’s Connell and Hugill won all their three games and Brook won two.

Connell and Hugill won the doubles.

C Station A had better luck in a 6-4 win at Knottingley B which gave them revenge for an earlier defeat.

C Station’s man of the match Keith Lumb beat Alan Yip over five sets.

Lumb also defeated Tim Condon and Dennis Shaw over three sets.

Yip beat Andy Adams and reserve Richard Lumb, both over three sets.

Condon lost to Adams and Richard Lumb.

Shaw beat Adams but lost to Richard Lumb.

Yip and Shaw beat Keith Lumb and Adams over five sets in the doubles.

Knottingley B bounced back by beating clubmates Knottingley C 7-3.

Yip was man of the match, beating Robert McNaught, Dave Cooper and Neil Cooper all over three sets, although Neil fought hard, taking the first and third sets to deuce.

Condon overcame McNaught and Dave Cooper, the latter in a great five setter.

Shaw beat McNaught and Neil Cooper in a marathon game but he lost to Dave Cooper over four in a close match.

In the doubles, McNaught and Dave Cooper came out on top against Yip and Condon.

YMCA C beat Knottingley C 9-1 and YMCA D 6-4.

Guy Rothery, making only his second league appearance this season following injury, won all his three games against Knottingley, beating Neil Cooper, McNaught and David Cooper easily over three sets.

YMCA C captain Paul Morris also won all three games.

YMCA D captain Gordon Cooper played excellently in their defeat against YMCA C.

Cooper beat Morris over five tremendous sets and John Spedding over four sets but he lost to Peter Hugill, who was borrowed from the A team.

YMCA D’s Elana McClements lost her three games but she took Spedding to four sets while Ian Instone, using a new bat, beat Morris but lost to Hugill over three and Spedding over five.

YMCA E won 6-4 at YMCA B in the battle for second place.

YMCA B captain John Keegan won all his three games, beating Bailey Pye, reserve Paul Morris and Daniel Ferguson. John’s son Carl and Chris Inman fought hard but both lost their three matches.John Keegan and Inman won the doubles.