Leaders YMCA A retain unbeaten record

YMCA A have a two-point lead.
YMCA A have a two-point lead.

YMCA A have a two point lead in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League after maintaining their unbeaten record with 6-4 victories over both YMCA D and YMCA E.

Bailey Pye was man of the match for YMCA E, the league’s juniors. He won all his games, beating Rob Connell and Steve Morris over four sets and Peter Hugill in a deciding set.

Bailey’s fellow youngsters Conor Morris and Tom Wilkinson took their veteran opponents close in all their games but ultimately failed to register any wins.

YMCA D’s Phil Cawser won all his three games against YMCA A, beating Connell, Hugill and Morris, all over three sets.

However, his teammates were unable to achieve any wins.

Gordon Cooper took Connell to four sets, but lost to Hugill and Morris over three.

YMCA D’s Ian Instone played well and took several games to deuce but lost them all over three sets.

Cawser and Instone won the doubles.

YMCA B beat C Station A 9-1 with Chris Inman and John Keegan winning all their games.

Inman beat Keith Lumb, over four sets, Andy Adams over three and Richard Fry narrowly over five.

Keegan won all his games convincingly over three sets. His son Carl added to the score by beating Adams over three and Fry over four but lost to Lumb over five sets.

Inman and Carl Keegan won the doubles.

Alan Yip was man of the match, winning all his three games as Knottingley B defeated Knottingley A 8-2.

Yip beat junior Ross Hall and Dave Page over three sets and Steve Taylor over four close sets.

The doubles went to five very close sets with Knottingley B’s Tim Condon and Dennis scraping a win against Taylor and Hall by two points in the final set.

YMCA E achieved a resounding 9-1 victory over clubmates YMCA C .

YMCA E fielded Phil Cawser as a reserve and he won all his games convincingly.

Bailey Pye also notched three victories.

Paul Morris was YMCA C’s only scorer.

The doubles went to YMCA E’s Pye and Daniel Ferguson.