Leaders YMCA D march on with big win against rivals

YMCA D beat YMCA C 10-0.
YMCA D beat YMCA C 10-0.

Unbeaten Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League leaders YMCA D moved closer to clinching the championship by trouncing YMCA C 10-0.

Veterans Phil Cawser, Keith Powell and Gordon Cooper won all their three games for the champions elect.

Cawser beat Paul Morris, John Spedding and Nigel Brook over three sets each.

Powell defeated Morris and Brook over four and Spedding over three while Cooper beat Morris and Spedding over four and Brook over three.

Cooper and Powell beat Spedding and Brook over three sets in the doubles.

YMCA E had mixed fortunes. They beat C Station B 10-0 but lost 7-3 to YMCA B.

Against C Station B, Bailey Pye beat John Wainwright and Richard Lumb over four sets and Jamie Rusling went one better beating them over three.

Tom Wilkinson marked his return by defeating Wainwright over four sets and Lumb over three. All YMCA E’s players beat an unnamed player over three sets.

Pye and Rusling won the doubles over five close sets against Wainwight and Lumb.

YMCA B took advantage of Pye’s absence to defeat one of their nearest rivals.

Graham Wyle beat Daniel Ferguson over five close sets, and Barry Johnson and Jamie Rusling over three. Chris Inman overcame Johnson over five close sets, but then lost to Ferguson over four and Rusling over five, having won the first set by 16-14.

John Keegan beat Johnson over three - the middle set going to 15-13 in his favour - and Rusling over four but lost to Ferguson over five after fading in the last two. The doubles went to Wylie and Keegan who beat Ferguson and Johnson over three.

Neil Cooper was the only winner for Knottingley B in a 9-1 defeat against YMCA A.

He beat John Spedding in a great game over four sets but he was beaten over four against Steve Morris and lost to Peter Hugill over three.

Marcus Hookham and Robert McNaught both lost all theirgames over three sets.

In the doubles, Spedding and Hugill beat McNaught and Cooper over four sets.

C Station A came out on top 6-4 in a close match against ever improving C Station B.

C Station A’s Andy Adams lost to Richard Lumb and John Wainwright over three close sets. Keith Lumb beat his son Richard over four close sets, but lost to Wainwright narrowly over three.

Richard Fry did much the same by beating Richard Lumb in a five set marathon and losing to Wainwright.

All C Station A’s players beat an unnamed player, over three sets each.

Keith Lumb and Fry won the doubles.

They took on Richard Lumb and Wainwright and edged them out in yet another five set encounter to give C Station A the vital edge.