Line-up of finalists decided for annual bowls festival

Ray Robbins is one of the eight finalists in the gents individual tournament.
Ray Robbins is one of the eight finalists in the gents individual tournament.
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Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s annual festival will take place at Pontefract Bowling Club on Saturday and Sunday, July 6 and 7.

The qualifying rounds were held from Monday to Friday last week.

The following bowlers have qualified. The list is not the draw for the finals.

Ladies individual: Maureen Chambers, Lyn Dye, Lisa Thompson, Nicola Eustace, Pat Stewart, Pat Walton, Amanda Hagen, Nicola Portman.

Gents individual: Stuart Thompson, David Thomas, Ray Robbins, Andy Webb, Robert Lloyd, Mark Brain, Craig Newton, Ryan Lloyd.

Mixed pairs: David Thomas and Karen Hill, Mark Harrap and Kayleigh Kinsey, Andy Webb and Amanda Hagen, David Dalton and Margaret Croxall, Stuart Thompson and Maureen Chambers, Malcolm Greenwood and Sheila Proberts, Mark Mace and Nicola Portman, Ted Parker and Nicola Eustace.

Gents pairs: Robert Lloyd and Stuart Thompson, Steve Portman and Ryan Lloyd, Chris Young and Bob Cheney, David Dalton and Michael Wood, Dennis Hogg and John Swales, Jake Durham and Danny Revell, Ted Parker and Paul Baddeley, Jeff Shipley and Neil Richardson.

Ladies pairs: Doreen Mattison and Thelma Newbould, Sarah Hill and Jennifer Hill, Pat Walton and Gwen Hopps, Jan Collinson and Eunice Riding, Nicole Farrar and Christine Sutcliffe, Maureen Chambers and Lisa Thompson, Karen Portman and Nicole Portman, Sheila Proberts and Pat Batty.

The Association’s Hospice Cup semi-finals will be played next Monday (June 24, 6.30pm start). Glasshoughton A take on Allerton at Queens Park and Castleford A play and Queens Park at Fryston. All four teams are playing off scratch. The final is at Ferrybridge on July 8.

The Hospice Plate semi-finals will also be played next Monday. Castleford B (+16) meet Pontefract A (scratch) at Townville and Savile Park (scratch) and Valley Gardens (+16) lock horns at Allerton.

The final is at Fryston on July 15.

Castleford and District Veterans Bowling Association lost by an an aggregate score of 295-268 to Huddersfield in Friday’s inter-district match.

Castleford won seven of the eight matches in the home leg at Pontefract in a 152-128 victory but they had only one winner in the away leg at Lindley BC which they lost 167-116.


Home leg (Castleford players named first): Ray Robbbins (Glasshoughton) 21, Peter Gregh 12; Trevor Booth (Valley Ridge) 21, Roger Stopford 16; Sid Bridges (Glasshougton) 21, Donald Crowther 12; Brian Clarke (Valley Ridge) 21, Eddie Haigh 11; Brian Riding (Glasshoughton) 21, Frank Griffith 19; Ian Lewis (Savile Park) 21, Dennis Garner 20; Roy Green (Hemsworth) 5, Viv Smith 21; Les Shaw (Hemsworth) 21, Terry Randerson 17.

Away leg (Huddersfield players named first): Greenwood 21, D Ellis 11; Oprey 21, P Holleran 12; Manson 21, E Parker 18; Burnand 21, F Agar 10; Sykes 20, A Box 21; Brook 21, B Riddiough 16; Hoyle 21, P Linley 8; Sutton 21, P Yeoman 20.

Latest Veterans Association results:

Premier Division: Colton A 117, Kippax A 76; Glasshoughton A 113, Garforth Rec A 86; Hemsworth 95, Cas Town A 116; Rothwell A 123, Valley Ridge A 71; Smirthwaite A 81, Pontefract 117.

Section A: Allerton 118, Colton B 80; Queens Park A 119, Savile Park A 71; Sherburn A 88, Glasshoughton B 103; Swillington A 110, Methley A 112.

Section B: Fryston 106, Rothwell Park A 87; Garforth Rec B 125, Valley Gardens A 90; Kippax B 117, Swillington B 77; Rothwell Park B 110, Rothwell, B 96.

Section C: Cas Town B 116, Queens Park B 80; Methley B 114, Smirthwaite B 76; Valley Gardens B 76, Hawhill Park B 117; Woodlesford A 121, Ferrybridge B 74.