Lloyd and Thompson win pairs tournament

Dennis Metcalfe Memorial Trophy winners Rob Lloyd (second left) and Stuart Thompson (third left) are presented with the trophy by members of  Dennis's family (left to right) Callum Metcalfe, David Metcalfe and Julie Metcalfe.
Dennis Metcalfe Memorial Trophy winners Rob Lloyd (second left) and Stuart Thompson (third left) are presented with the trophy by members of Dennis's family (left to right) Callum Metcalfe, David Metcalfe and Julie Metcalfe.

Rob Lloyd and Stuart Thompson won Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s inaugural Dennis Metcalfe Memorial Trophy pairs handicap competition on Sunday.

The tournament, which was held at Pontefract Bowling Club, was sponsored by David Metcalfe and his family in memory of their father Dennis who was Castleford and District Association president until his death early on in the season.

There was an excellent turnout to commemorate Dennis.

Thompson and Lloyd defeated their Glasshoughton teammates Andy Webb and Mark Brain 21-14 in a close final.

In the semi-finals, Thompson and Lloyd overcame John Lynch and Ian Lewis 21-4 and Webb and Brain defeated Sam Waite and Josh Thomas 21-11.

A raffle and tombola were held during the match, with all the proceeds going to Parkinson’s UK.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: D Watson/G Portman 12, J Lynch/I Lewis 21; C Fennell/M Hill 12, R Lloyd/S Thomson 21; A Webb/M Brain 21, R Roberts/P Mountain 12; E Parker/P Baddeley 15, S Waite/J Thomas 21.

Semi-finals: J Lynch/I Lewis 4, R Lloyd/S Thompson 21; A Webb/M Brain 21, S Waite/J Thomas 11. Final: R Lloyd/S Thompson 21, A Webb/M Brain 14.

Glasshoughton’s Thompson and Rob Lloyd were the two finalists the previous evening when Pontefract BC hosted the Association’s annual Champion of Champions Trophy competition which featured eight champions from various tournaments throughout the season.

Multiple trophy winner Thompson was crowned champion when he defeated last season’s runner up Lloyd 21-15 in the final.

Thompson earlier knocked out Callum Fennell and Lewis Cooper, both junior champions.

Lloyd overcame David Thomas in the semis and Amanda Hagen in the previous round.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: D Thomas 21, K Portman 14; R Lloyd 21, A Hagen 12; S Thompson 21, L Cooper 16; C Fennell 21, N Portman 10.

Semi-finals: R Lloyd 21, D Thomas 12; S Thompson 21, C Fennell 8. Final: S Thompson 21, R Lloyd 15.

Latest Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association placings:


Division 1: Smirthwaite A played 20, won 19, points 3006; Glasshoughton A 20-16-2935; Pontefract A 20-11-2826; Savile Park A 20-12-2804; Allerton Bywater A 20-10-2763; Queens Park A 20-7-2695; Ferrybridge A 20-11-2677; Pontefract B 20-6-2593; Castleford Town 19-9-2586; Valley Gardens A 20-7-2564; Townville 20-4-2335; Hawhill Park A 19-7-2307.

Division 2: Smirthwaite B 18-15-2654; Glasshoughton B 18-15-2647; Fryston 17-15-2487; Ferrybridge B 19-6-2461; Featherstone 18-11-2459; Pontefract C 19-7-2369; Queens Park B 18-8-2327; Allerton Bywater B 17-9-2321; Hawhill Park B 18-5-2131; Savile Park B 18-5-2124; Valley Gardens B 18-2-2039.


Allerton Bywater 19-19-1498; Glasshoughton 18-14-1383; Valley Ridge 19-10-1372; Townville 18-11-1257; Featherstone 18-8-1232; Valley Gardens 19-9-1201; Queens Park 18-7-1181; Ferrybridge 18-8-1160; Methley 19-5-1089; Kippax 17-5-966; Hawhill Park 17-0-776.


Division 1: Ferrybridge 20-9-2709; Glasshoughton 17-16-2665; Smirthwaite 19-9-2655; Castleford Town 18-14-2651; Pontefract A 18-13-2623; Fryston 19-9-2619; Allerton Bywater 18-12-2545; Savile Park 18-10-2457; Pontefract B 20-6-2439; Valley Gardens 19-5-2362; Featherstone 19-7-2215; Hawhill Park 20-1-2171; Townville 17-7-2119.


Premier: Rothwell BC A 17-14-1948; Cas Town A 18-10-1914; Pontefract A 17-11-1791; Queens Park A 17-11-1778; Valley Ridge A 18-7-1778; Smirthwaite A 17-10-1771; Glasshoughton A 17-7-1751; Garforth CC A 17-9-1747; Garforth Rec A 17-6-1671; Allerton 17-8-1651; Townville 18-2-1575.

Section A: Ferrybridge A 17-12-1865; Colton A 17-10-1839; Sherburn A 17-10-1798; Savile Park A 17-10-1773; Cas Town B 17-12-1718; Hawhill Park A 17-7-1698; Kippax 17-8-1694; Swillington A 17-7-1669; Pontefract B 17-5-1647; Glasshoughton B 17-4-1618.

Section B: Woodlesford A 17-13-1926; Valley Gardens A 18-8-1876; Featherstone 18-7-1846; Aberford A 17-11-1813; Rothwell Park B 17-10-1778; Rothwell Park A 17-10-1747; Colton B 17-7-1703; Methley 17-6-1681; Rothwell BC B 17-7-1677; Queens Park B 17-5-1590.

Section C: Smirthwaite B 19-14-2080; Garforth CC B 19-11-2066; Ferrybridge B 19-10-2046; Sherburn B 19-11-2005; Garforth Rec B 19-10-1972; Valley Ridge B 19-8-1925; Hawhill Park B 19-11-1917; Aberford B 19-10-1892; Swillington B 19-8-1863; Woodlesford B 19-8-1824; Savile Park B 19-6-1758; Valley Gardens B 19-5-1757.


Division 1: Ossett Flying Horse 15-15-1788; Pontefract 16-8-1568; Garforth Rec 15-8-1365; Methley 15-3-1304; Queens Park 15-3-1267.