Lloyd beats Yorkshire’s best to win Cockroft tournament

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GLASSHOUGHTON bowler Robert Lloyd beat the cream of Yorkshire bowlers to win the E E Cockroft competition at the Lockwood Cons green.

Lloyd (pictured) beat Lower Hopton’s Graham Higgins 21-20 in the final to take the £250 prize money.

It was almost an all-Castleford district final with Nathan Webster, from Smirthwaite, just losing out in the other semi-final.

Both these bowlers will be part of the team representing Castleford and District CGBA in the county-wide inter-district matches to be held on July 22.

Savile Park team-mates Karen Portman and Ian Lewis took the Castleford and District Bowling Association’s ladies individual and gents individual titles respectively on Sunday at Featherstone BC.

With only eight ladies competing Karen overcame Michelle Lee in the quarters, Pat Walton in the semis and Ossett Flying Horse’s Amanda Hagen in the final to win the title.

Ian defeated team-mate Mark Hagen in the early round, Ron Owen in the quarters, then David Thomas in a tight semi decided on the last bowl. With both Ian’s sons being previous winners he wanted to make this a family affair and with some excellent bowling beat Yorkshire’s E E Cockcroft winner Rob Lloyd, taking the title 21-13.

Ladies: Semi-finals: A Hagen 21, L Dye 16; K Portman 21, P Walton 12. Final: K Portman 21, A Hagen 9.

Gents: Quarterfinals: R Lloyd 21, A Box 15; M Brain 16, D Harrap 21; I Lewis 21, R Owen 17; A Lee 14, D Thomas 21. Semi-finals: R Lloyd 21, D Harrap 7; I Lewis 21, D Thomas 20. Final: I Lewis 21, R Lloyd 13.

The Hospice Cup final between Glasshoughton A and Castleford Town A takes place at Queens Park next Monday, 6.30pm start.

The Hospice Plate final between Glasshoughton B and Queens Park is set for Townville BC on Monday, July 16, 6.30pm start.

Closing date for the Polar Ford Mixed Pairs is July 14 and closing date for the YMCA, both ladies and gents, is July 21.

Latest Castleford and District Vets Bowling results:

Premier: Queens Park A 116, Allerton 87; Glasshoughton A 120, Colton A 78; Garforth Rec A 112, Kippax A 98; Pontefract 120, Rothwell A 109; Valley Ridge A 104, Smirthwaite 107.

Section A: Hawhill Park A 94, Cas Town A 125; Swillington A 126, Fryston 62; Ferrybridge A v Glasshoughton B postponed; Featherstone 110, Sherburn A 101; Savile Park A 120, Townville 80.

Section B: Kippax B 109, Garforth Rec B 107; Colton B 126, Methley A 55; Aberford 114, Rothwell Park A 97; Rothwell Park B 124, Savile Park B 81; Rothwell B 123, Woodlesford A 73.

Section C: Methley B 105, Ferrybridge B 72; Cas Town B 111, Hawhill Park B 83; Woodlesford B 123, Queens Park B 99; Valley Gardens B 105, Swillington B 98; Smirthwaite B 107, Valley Gardens A 98.

LEAGUE POSITIONS - Premier: Smirthwaite, played 11, points 1192; Rothwell A 11-1187; Glasshoughton A 11-1178; Kippax A 11-1172; Pontefract 11-1157; Valley Ridge A 11-1137; Garforth Rec A 11-1109; Queens Park A 11-1103; Colton A 11-1075; Allerton 11-1043; Hemsworth 10-1038.

Section A: Castleford Town A; played 11, points 1232; Garforth CC 10-1155; Swillington A 11-1129; Savile Park A 11-1082; Ferrybridge A 10-1046; Sherburn A 11-1039; Hawhill Park A 10-1031; Fryston 11-1009; Glasshoughton B 10-1004; Townville 10-981; Featherstone 9-732.

Section B: Colton B, played 11, points 1215; Rothwell Park A 11-1167; Kippax B 11-1136; Aberford 11-1132; Methley A 11-1124; Rothwell Park B 11-1107; Rothwell B 11-1102; Garforth Rec B 11-1094; Savile Park B 11-1073; Woodlesford A 11-1041; Valley Ridge B 10-986.

Section C: Valley Gardens A 11-1216; Swillington B 11-1173; Methley B 11-1135; Castleford Town B 11-1129; Smirthwaite B 11-1123; Queens Park B 10-1048; Hawhill Park B 10-1024; Ferrybridge B 11-1009; Sherburn B 10-971; Woodlesford B 10-948; Valley Gardens B 10-899.

Castleford Veterans Team Cup results - Len Garbett Cup: Garforth Rec A 91, Townville 127; Valley Gardens A 136, Garforth CC 121; Glasshoughton A 126, Woodlesford A withdrew; Swillington A 93, Garforth Rec B 149; Cas Town A 120, Rothwell Park B 113; Smirthwaite A 126, Hawhill Park A 81; Queens Park B 119, Aberford 141.

Len Pickersgill Cup: Sherburn A 130, Sherburn B 120; Hemsworth 126, Hawhill Park B 106; Rothwell B 113, Colton A 124; Rothwell A 126, Valley Gardens B withdrew; Smirthwaite B 111, Kippax A 115; Queens Park A 126, Cas Town B withdrew; Kippax B 123, Saville Park A 122.

Castleford beat Leeds 32-24 in an inter-district match. Castleford had five winners in the home leg that they won 20-8. Cas had three winners in the away leg which Leeds won 16-12.