Olde Tavern’s title bid jolted by defeat at Upton Social

Leaders Glasshoughton WMC won 9-1 at Angling Club.
Leaders Glasshoughton WMC won 9-1 at Angling Club.

Olde Tavern’s title hopes were dented when they lost 7-3 at second-placed Upton Social Club in Pontefract and District Pool League.

It left third-placed Olde Tavern nine points adrift of leaders Glasshoughton WMC who won 9-1 at Angling Club.

Olde Tavern will be out for revenge when they host Upton Social in the reverse fixture this Thursday.

Glasshoughton are three points clear of Upton Social. Both teams have lost jost one match this season.

Fourth-placed Ambience maintained their challenge by beating Elephant 8-2.

Bottom team Hemsworth MW, with just one win this season, were pipped 6-4 at Willow Park Club A.

Hemsworth are 12 points adrift of second-bottom Willow Park B who lost 8-2 at Kellingley Club.

Upton Brookside beat Byram Park B 6-4.

RESULTS: Byram Park A 4, Cutsyke WMC 6; Upton Brookside 6, Byram Park B 4; Upton Social Club 7, Olde Tavern 3; Willow Park A 6, Hemsworth MW 4; Angling Club 1, Glasshoughton WMC 9; Ambience 8, Elephant 2; Kellingley Club 8, Willow Park B 2.

POSITIONS (all played 13 matches): Glasshoughton WMC won 12, points 99; Upton Social Club 12-96; Olde Tavern 10-90; Ambience 11-86; Upton Brookside 8-77; Cutsyke WMC 9-76; Byram Park A 9-73; Elephant 6-57; Kellingley Club 3-55; Willow Park Club A 4-48; Angling Club 3-43; Byram Park B 2-42; Willow Park B 1-38; Hemsworth MW 1-26.