Pacesetters YMCE E show their class

YMCA E eased to a 9-1 win against YMCA B.
YMCA E eased to a 9-1 win against YMCA B.

CASTLEFORD, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League leaders YMCA E eased to a 9-1 win against YMCA B.

Sarah Dyson put YMCA E on their way by beating Chris Inman well over four sets.

She lost to John Keegan narrowly over five sets but beat Carl Keegan over three.

YMCA E’s Pete France beat all his opponents over three sets each.

France went to 16-14 with Carl Keegan in the last set and to deuce with John Keegan in the second set.

Daniel Ferguson beat John Keegan over three sets in a very close contest by two points in each set.

Ferguson also defeated Carl Keegan over four sets and Inman narrowly over three.

Dyson and Ferguson overcame Inman and John Keegan in the doubles over five very close sets.

YMCA B had better luck against YMCA C who they beat 7-3.

YMCA C were hit by players being unavailable and drafted in Daniel Ferguson as a substitute to complete the fixture.

Ferguson won all his three singles games to bag YMCA C’s only points.

He beat John Keegan over four sets, two of which went to deuce in his favour. Ferguson defeated Inman over three sets and Graham Wylie narrowly over five sets.

YMCA C captain Nigel Brook, lost to Wylie and Inman over three sets each and to Keegan over four.

YMCA C’s Stanley Alderson lost all his games over three sets.

Wylie and Keegan beat Brook and Ferguson in the doubles.

Ferrybridge A, without their number two player Tim Condon, slipped to a 7-3 defeat against Ferrybridge B, for whom brothers Neil and Dave Cooper excelled.

Neil Cooper beat Terry Kirk over three sets, having almost lost the first. In his second game he lost narrowly to Alan Yip over three sets, the last two going to deuce. He beat Dennis Shaw over five sets in his final singles game.

Man of the match Dave Cooper beat Shaw over three sets and also defeated Yip over three sets, the second one going to 16-14 in his favour.

Ferrybridge B’s Marcus Hookham lost to Yip over three sets and to Shaw over four but he recovered from 2-0 down to beat Kirk in five sets.

The Cooper brothers were 2-1 up in the doubles when Ferrybridge A conceded due to time factors.

YMCA A beat YMCA C 8-2.

Steve Morris was YMCA A’s man of the match, beating all his opponents over three sets.

Johnny Stones did virtually the same, beating Paul Morris over three by 17-15 in the last, Paul Dykes over three and Nigel Brooks over four.

YMCA A’s John Spedding beat Paul Morris narrowly over four sets but lost to Dykes over three sets and Brook over four.

YMCA D came out on top 9-1 against C Station A, with Phil Cawser beating Keith Lumb, substitute John Wainwright and Richard Fry all over three sets each.

Gordon Cooper also won his three singles.

Ian Instone beat Lumb over four close sets and Fry over three, but lost to Wainwright in five sets. Cawser and Cooper beat Lumb and Fry in the doubles after losing the first set.