Pontefract Cue Club see lead at top cut

Castleford Snooker League's scratch pairs finalists (from left) Paul Barnes, Peter Fisher, Sam Townend (match referee), Chris Hart, Mikey Gaughan.
Castleford Snooker League's scratch pairs finalists (from left) Paul Barnes, Peter Fisher, Sam Townend (match referee), Chris Hart, Mikey Gaughan.

The gap at the top of the A League is down to just two points after another defeat for leaders Pontefract Cue Club F in the Castleford and District Snooker League.

A second successive 8-2 loss for the table toppers, this time to second-placed Swillington Welfare D, has seen their advantage cut right down.

Elsewhere there are no changes at the top with Swillington Social A two ahead of Methley Ex Service A in the B League, Edward B 22 points clear of Townville B in the C League and Kippax Central A eight ahead of Ponte Cons B in the D League.

Castleford Snooker League’s scratch pairs final saw Mikey Gaughan and Chris Hart, of Methley, beat Peter Fisher and Paul Barnes, of Ponte Cue Club by four frames to three in a game played at Ponte Cue Club.

RESULTS - Section A: Elmet A 4, Kippax Central B 6; Garforth WMC B 4, Garforth WMC C 6; Green Bowling A 4, Garforth WMC D 6; Ponte Bowling A 2, Smawthorne D 8; Ponte Cue Club F 2, Swillington Welfare D 8; Smawthorne A 4, Ponte Cue Club E 6; St Joseph’s A 2, Cas Cue Club A 8; Swillington Welfare C 8, Ladybalk A 2.

Section B: Featherstone A 0, Featherstone B 10; Garforth CC A 2, Swillington Social A 8; Methley Ex Serv A 8, Progressive B 2; Ponte Cue Club C 8, Townville A 2; Ponte Cue Club D 2, Ponte Cue Club B 8; Smawthorne C 8, Ponte Cue Club A 2.

Section C: Carleton A 0, Rockware A 10; Garforth WMC A 6, Green Bowling B 4; Knottingley Cons A 8, Kippax Ex Serv A 2; Prince of Wales A 4, Edward B 6; Rockware C 0, Garforth CC B 10; Townville B 6, Knottingley Cons B 4.

Section D: Kippax Central A 8, Prince of Wales C 2; Kippax Ex Serv B 4, Ponte Bowling B 6; Ponte Cons B 8, Ponte Cons A 2; Ponte Social A 2, Great Preston B 8; Progressive A 0, Methley Ex Serv B 10.

POSITIONS: Section A: Ponte F played 29 won 20, points 168; Swillington Welf D 29-17-166; Smawthorne D 29-15-152; Swillington Welf C 29-17-152; Garforth WMC C 29-13-148; Ponte Cue Club E 29-16-148; Smawthorne A 29-15-146; Cas Cue Club A 29-16-146; Ponte Bowling A 29-15-144; Garforth WMC B 29-14-144; Kippax Central B 29-13-144; Ladybalk A 29-14-142; Garforth WMC D 29-12-134; Elmet A 29-11-132; Green Bowling A 29-13-130; St Joseph’s A 29-11-122.

Section B: Swillington Social A 25-18-156; Methley Ex Serv A 26-15-154; Smawthorne C 25-17-148; Cas Cue Club B 25-16-144; Townville A 25-15-142; Garforth CC A 25-12-128; Ponte Cue Club A 25-12-118; Ponte Cue Club B 25-11-116; Progressive B 25-11-114; Featherstone B 25-11-114; Ponte Cue Club C 25-11-110; Featherstone A 25-10-110; Smawthorne B 25-9-108; Ponte Cue Club D 26-8-8.

Section C: Edward B 25-22-172; Townville B 25-16-150; Carleton A 25-13-136; Swillington Welf A 25-16-136; Knottingley Cons A 25-14-132; Rockware A 25-14-132; Rockware C 25-13-128; Swillington Welf B 25-11-120; Green Bowling B 26-12-120; Knottingley Cons B 25-13-118; Garforth WMC A 26-10-112; Garforth CC B 25-7-109; Prince of Wales A 25-9-104; Kippax Ex Serv A 25-5-91.

Section D: Kippax Central A 27-18-168; Pontefract Cons B 28-17-160; Prince of Wales B 27-16-156; Methley Ex Service B 27-15-149; Pontefract Bowling B 27-14-144; YMCA A 27-15-142; St Joseph’s B 27-14-141; Swillington Social B 27-13-136; Progressive A 26-14-132; Kippax Ex Serv B 27-12-124; Pontefract Social A 27-13-122; Great Preston B 27-10-118; Pontefract Cons A 27-12-116; Prince of Wales C 26-8-106; Pontefract Social B 27-10-106.