Pontefract host two tournaments

The Len Pickersgill Knockout Cup final will be played at Sherburn BC today (Friday, 1.30pm start)
The Len Pickersgill Knockout Cup final will be played at Sherburn BC today (Friday, 1.30pm start)

Pontefract Bowling Club will host two tournaments this weekend.

On Saturday, Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s annual Champions of Champions tournament will be held at the Halfpenny Lane club.

The competition, which starts at 6.30pm, will feature eight champions from the association’s various tournaments throughout the 2016 season.

On Sunday, the association’s Dennis Metcalfe Memorial pairs handicap competition will be played at Pontefract BC.

The start and scratch time is 10am. Dress code applies.

The entrants are:

R Lloyd senior/S Thompson , M Brain/A Webb, A Hagen/J Brain, D Thomas/S Williams, E Parker/P Baddeley, K Curry/N Eustace, J Robshaw/S Wilson, J Swales/D Render, A Lee/M Young, W Kemp/Mark Harrap, K Smith/C Lynch, K Jones/T Wright, C Fennell/M Hill junior, D Watson/G Portman, M Hill senior/S Hill, S Waite/E Owen, Mick Harrap/partner, C Franks/K Day, A Box/P Batty, R Green/Boyes, N Johnson/D Baines, P Mountain/R Roberts, K Portman/P Whipp, S Portman/Ryan Lloyd, V Bradshaw/partner, J Lynch/partner.

Castleford Veterans Bowling Association’s Len Pickersgill Knockout Cup final will be played at Sherburn BC today (Friday, 1.30pm start) when Woodlesford A (scratch) take on Ferrybridge B (12).

Next Friday, September 9 (1.30pm start), Rothwell BC A and Glasshoughton A meet in in the association’s Alan Hardisty Challenge Cup final at Queens Park.

Smirthwaite are the new leaders in both divisions of Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s Evening League.

They are narrowly ahead of closest rivals Glasshoughton in Division One and Division Two.


Division 1: Smirthwaite A played 19, won 18, points 2862; Glasshoughton A 19- 16-2814; Pontefract A 19-10-2681; Savile Park A 19-11-2642; Castleford Town 19-9-2586; Queens Park A 19-6-2550; Ferrybridge A 19-10-2521; Allerton Bywater A 18-9-2483; Pontefract B 19-6-2450; Valley Gardens A 19-7-2447; Hawhill Park A 19-7-2307; Townville 18-4-2098.

Division 2: Smirthwaite B 17-14-2489; Glasshoughton B 17-14-2487; Ferrybridge B 18-6-2359; Fryston 16-14-2342; Allerton Bywater B 17-9-2321; Featherstone 17-10-2304; Pontefract C 18-7-2263; Savile Park B 18-5-2124; Queens Park B 16-8-2100; Hawhill Park B 17-4-1974; Valley Gardens B 17-2-1963.


Allerton Bywater 18-18-1424; Valley Ridge 18-10-1310; Glasshoughton 17-13-1299; 04. Townville 18-11-1257; Featherstone 18-8-1232; Ferrybridge 18-8-1160; Valley Gardens 18-9-1153; Methley 18-5-1064; Queens Park 16-6-1041; Kippax 17-5-966; Hawhill Park 16-0-720.


Division 1: Glasshoughton 17-16-2665; Castleford Town 18-14-2651; Pontefract A 18-13-2623; Fryston 19-9-2619; Smirthwaite 18-8-2502; Ferrybridge 18-8-2423; Allerton Bywater 17-11-2386; Savile Park 17-9-2294; Valley Gardens 18-5-2242; Pontefract B 18-5-2196; Featherstone 18-7-2110; Hawhill Park 19-1-2048; Townville 15-6-1850.


Premier: Rothwell BC A 17-14-1948; Cas Town A 18-10-1914; Pontefract A 17-11-1791; Queens Park A 17-11-1778; Valley Ridge A 18-7-1778; Smirthwaite A 17-10-1771; Glasshoughton A 17-7-1751; Garforth CC A 17-9-1747; Garforth Rec A 17-6-1671; Allerton 17-8-1651; Townville 18-2-1575.

Section A: Ferrybridge A 17-12-1865; Colton A 17-10-1839; Sherburn A 17-10-1798; Savile Park A 17-10-1773; Cas Town B 17-12-1718; Hawhill Park A 17-7-1698; Kippax 17-8-1694; Swillington A 17-7-1669; Pontefract B 17-5-1647; Glasshoughton B 17-4-1618.

Section B: Woodlesford A 17-13-1926; Aberford A 17-11-1813; Rothwell Park B 17-10-1778; Valley Gardens A 17-7-1759; Featherstone 17-7-1747; Rothwell Park A 17-10-1747; Colton B 17-7-1703; Methley 17-6-1681; Rothwell BC B 17-7-1677; Queens Park B 17-5-1590.

Section C: Smirthwaite B 19-14-2080; Garforth CC B 19-11-2066; Ferrybridge B 19-10-2046; Sherburn B 19-11-2005; Garforth Rec B 19-10-1972; Valley Ridge B 19-8-1925; Hawhill Park B 19-11-1917; Aberford B 19-10-1892; Swillington B 19-8-1863; Woodlesford B 19-8-1824; Savile Park B 19-6-1758; Valley Gardens B 19-5-1757.


Division 1: Ossett FH 14-14-1675; Pontefract 15-8-1462; Garforth Rec 15-8-1365; Methley 14-2-1193; Queens Park 14-3-1188.