Prince of Wales trounce leaders

Garforth WMC's Kurtis Walker (left) beat Rockware's Keith Towler (right) in the Castleford and District Snooker League's Handicap Singles Trophy final at Pontefract Cue Club.
Garforth WMC's Kurtis Walker (left) beat Rockware's Keith Towler (right) in the Castleford and District Snooker League's Handicap Singles Trophy final at Pontefract Cue Club.
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Prince of Wales A climbed to third place in Castleford and District Snooker League Section C by trouncing leaders Garforth WMC D 10-0.

Garforth WMC A are the new pacesetters after beating Pontefract Conservatives A 10-0.

Pontefract Cue Club F increased their lead to 18 points in Section A by winning 10-0 at Smawthorne D.

Bottom team Roundhill A defeated Great Preston C 8-2.

Pontefract Cue Club E retained a 12-point lead in Section B with an 8-2 victory against NADS A.

Section D leaders Pontefract Cue Club A collected maximum points against Knottingley Conservatives A 10-0. Cue Club A are 10 points clear of closest rivals Townville B and Kippax Ex-Service A.

Townville B won 8-2 at YMCA A and Kippax Ex-Service A notched a 6-4 win against Prince of Wales C.

Fourth-placed Pontefract Conservatives B were 8-2 winners against Pontefract Bowling B.

RESULTS - Section A: Elmet A 4, Ponte Cue Club C 6; Garforth WMC B 6, Prince of Wales B 4; Great Preston A 2, B and S Sports Club A 8; Kippax Central BB 6, Swillington Welf D 4; Ladybalk A 2, green Bowling A 8; Ponte Bowling A 0, Rothwell WMC A 10; Roundhill A 8, Great Preston C 2; Smawthorne D 0, Ponte Cue Club F 10.

Section B: Carleton B 8, Garforth WMC C 2; Knottingley Cons B 8, Progressive B 2; Ponte Cue Club B 4, Garforth CC A 6; Ponte Cue Club E 8, NADS A 2; Ponte Social A 10, Smawthorne A 0; Rockware B 2, Smawthorne B 2; St Joseph’s A 2, Swillington Welf C 8; Townville A 2, Ponte Cue Club G 8.

Section C: Edward B 8, Rockware C 2; Garforth WMC A 10, Ponte Cons A 0; Green Bowling B 2, Featherstone A 8; Prince of Wales A 10, Garforth WMC D 0; Progressive A 8, Swillington Social A 2; Smawthorne C 2, Ponte Cue Club D 8; Swillington Welf A 8, Carleton A 2; Swillington Welf B 4, Queen Victoria 6.

Section D: Garforth CC B 8, Ponte Social B 2; Great Preston B 6, Rockware A 4; Hopetown WMC A 6, St Joseph’s B 4; Kippax Ex-Serv A 6, Prince of Wales C 4; Ponte Cons B 8, Ponte Bowling B 2; Ponte Cue Club A 10, Knottingley Cons A.

POSITIONS - Section A (all played 24 matches): Ponte Cue Club F won 18, points 160; Garforth WMC B 15-142; Swillinngton Welf D 16-140; Great Preston A 14-132; Ladybalk A 13-128; Kippax Central B 14-124; Rothwell WMC A 11-123; Great Preston C 12-122; B & Sports Club A 11-120; Elmet A 11-110; Ponte Cue Club C 9-107; Prince of Wales B 10-106; Green Bowling A 10-106; Ponte Bowling A 11-104; Smawthorne D 9-102; Roundhill A 7-94.

Section B (all played 24): Ponte Cue Club E 18-152; Swillington Welf C 16-140; St Joseph’s A 14-134; Smawthorne B 14-130; Townville A 12-128; Knottingley Cons B 12-128; Ponte Cue Club G 10-124; Smawthorne A 13-124; Rockware B 12-120; Ponte Social A 11-118; Progressive B 14-118; Garforth CC A 9-110; Carleton B 13-110; NADS A 9-98; Garforth WMC C 9-94; Ponte Cue Club B 6-92.

Section C: Garforth WMC A played 24, won 16, points 156; Garforth WMC D 24-19-150; Prince of Wales A 24-17-146; Rockware C 14-16-139; Ponte Cue Club D 24-14-132; Edward B 24-13-128; Queen Victoria 24-13-124; Swillington Welf A 24-15-121; Featherstone A 24-11-114; Swillington Welf B 24-9-113; Carleton A 24-11-112; Smawthorne C 24-9-107; Ponte Cons A 23-8-96; Swillington Social A 23-6-92; Progressive A 24-9-90; Green Bowling B 24-4-80.

Section D (all played 24): Ponte Cue Club A 18-162; Townville B 16-152; Kippax Ex-Serv A 17-152; Ponte Cons B 16-144; Kippax Ex-Serv B 16-142; Swillington Social B 13-122; Great Preston B 13-120; Hopetown WMC A 11-118; Rockware A 14-116; Knottingley Cons A 9-111; Garforth CC B 8-108; Ponte Bowling B 10-102; Prince of Wales C 9-100; St Joseph’s B 8-92; YMCA A 8-90; Ponte Social B 5-89.