Progressive maintain unbeaten start to darts season

Dart board
Dart board

DARTS section leaders Progressive Club visited Conservative Club and beat them 5-2 in the Castleford and District Darts and Dominoes League.

The result sent Cons spinning down three places into seventh. Rock B stay in second spot following their 4-3 win over Junction while Wheatsheaf were big winners as they beat Last Orders 6-1.

Dominoes section leaders Townville Club lost their first match as Commercial beat them 3-2.

Rising Sun moved up to second place after beating Glasshoughton WMC 3-2.

Progressive Club dropped down to third place following a 4-1 defeat by Cons Club.

Wheatsheaf got their first points, beating Last Orders 3-2.

In the fives and threes section Wheatsheaf moved six points clear as they beat Last Orders 3-2.

Glasshoughton WMC went up three places to second with a good win, beating Rising Sun 4-1.

Rock B got their first win, with a 4-1 success against Junction who have still yet to win a match.

Positions – Darts: Progressive Club played 6-won 6-points 18; Rock Inn B 6-6-18; Wheatsheaf 6-5-15; Rising Sun 6-4-12; Kippax Central 6-4-12; Townville Club 6-4-12; Conservative Club 6-4-12; Junction 6-3-9; Old Tavern 6-2-6; Last Orders 6-2-6; Glasshoughton WMC 6-1-3; Redhill Social Club 6-1-3; Rock Inn A 6-0-0; Commercial 6-0-0.

Dominoes: Townville Club played 6- won 5- points 15; Rising Sun 6-5-15; Progressive Club 6-4-12; Old Tavern 6-4-12; Rock Inn A 6-4-12; Redhill Social Club 6-3-9; Junction 6-3-9; Conservative Club 6-3-9; Kippax Central 6-3-9; Rock Inn B 6-2-6; Glasshoughton WMC 6-2-6; Commercial 6-2-6; Last Orders 6-1-3; Wheatsheaf 6-1-3.

Fives and Threes: Wheatsheaf played 6-won 6- points 18; Glasshoughton WMC 6-5-15; Townville Club 6-4-12; Commercial 6-4-12; Rock Inn A 6-4-12; Conservative Club 6-4-12; Kippax Central 6-4-12; Old Tavern 6-3-9; Redhill Social Club 6-2-6; Progressive Club 6-2-6; Rising Sun 6-2-6; Rock Inn B 6-1-3; Last Orders 6-1-3; Junction 6-0-0.