Queens Park host two tournaments

Two tournaments will be held at Queens Park on Sunday.
Two tournaments will be held at Queens Park on Sunday.

Two Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association tournaments will be held at Queens Park BC, Castleford, on Sunday.

There are 24 entrants for the YMCA gents individual (handicapped) competition (10am start and scratch).

The entrants are:

S Thompson, Rob Lloyd (Glasshoughton/Savile), M Brain, D Thomas, R Robbins, Ryan Lloyd, J Thomas (Glasshoughton), D Revell, R Watson (Pontefract), A Webb (Ossett Flying Horse/Glasshoughton), A Lee, W Kemp, C young, M Young (Valley Gardens), L Collins, Mark Harrap, S Waite (Queens Park), A Box (Smirthwaite), D Dobson (Ferrybridge/Castleford), D Rundle, J Gibson (Ferrybridge), Mick Harrap (Fryston/Queens Park), D Harrap (Fryston), R Martin (Townville).

The association’s YMCA ladies individual merit competition will also be held at Queens Park on Sunday (1pm start and scratch). The entrants are:

A Hagen (Ossett Flying Horse), P Stewart (Valley Gardens), C Lynch (Townville), K Portman (Savile/Castleford), N Eustace (Allerton/Featherstone), V Bradshaw (Allereton/Ferrybridge), M O’Donovan, J Tams, S Hill, J Hill (Pontefract), P Walton, M Boyes (Methley).

Dress code applies for both competitions.

Latest positions in the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association:


Division 1: Smirthwaite A played 15, won 11, points 2210; Pontefract A 15-8-2135; Glasshoughton A 14-14-2123; Queens Park A 15-6-2006; Fryston A 15-5-1963; Castleford Town B 15-8-1954; Savile Park 15-7-1946; Allerton Bywater A 15-4-1913; Ferrybridge A 14-6- 1826; Pontefract B 15-4-1770.

Division 2: Valley Gardens 14-9-1957; Featherstone A 13-7-1850; Hawhill Park A 12-12-1843; Townville 13-4-1712; Glasshoughton B 12-8-1695; Methley 13-4-1643; Savile Park D 12-8-1639; Pontefract C 12-5-1548; Hawhill Park B 7-0-1397.

Division 3: Smirthwaite 12-10-1801; Allerton Bywater B 12-10-1778; Ferrybridge B 12-6-1575; Queens Park B 12-4-1530; Valley Gardens B 12-0-1334.

Pairs: Glasshoughton 17-13-1301; Valley Ridge 17-10-1227; Queens Park A 16-14-1215; Kippax 16-9-1181; Allerton Bywater 16-11- 1142; Queens Park B 16-10-1135; Valley Gardens 17-7-1120; Ferrybridge 17-7-1042; Fryston A 16-6-1038; Methley 16-6-988; Featherstone 17-4-987; Hawhill Park 17-2-842.


Division 1: Castleford Town B 10-8-1430; Savile Park 10-6-1426; Glasshoughton A 9-9- 1384; 04. Fryston A 10-6-1361; Pontefract A 9-6-1283; Allerton Bywater A 9-3-1170; Queens Park 10- 1- 1155; Ferrybridge 8-2- 1012; 09. Smirthwaite 9-1-998.

Division 2: Townville 9-7-1311; Featherstone 9-5-1230; Valley Gardens 9-5-1221; Savile Park B 9-2-1054; Pontefract B 8-3- 1031.

Dennis Dobson and Lyn Dye won the Association’s Polar Ford sponsored mixed pairs competition at Garforth Rec on Sunday.

Polar Ford representative Matthew Swales presented the trophy to the winners who defeated Steve Portman and Pat Walton 21-20 in a thrilling final.

Steve and Pat looked set for victory when they led 20-15 but Dennis and Lyn hit back to pip them in a nail-biting finish.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: S Portman/P Walton 21, W Kemp/J Tams 18; A Webb/A Hagen 21, M Firth/C Firth 16; D Dobson/L Dye 21, S Thomson/M Chambers 11; R Owen/J Collinson 21, A Box/P Batty 5. Semi-finals: S Portman/P Walton 21, A Webb/A Hagen 20; D Dobson/L Dye 21, R Owen/J Collinson 13. Final: D Dobson/L Dye 21, S Portman /P Walton 20.

Eunice Riding beat Margaret O’Donovan 21-20 in the final of the Castleford Veterans Association’s ladies singles merit competition at Rothwell BC on Friday.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: Eunice Riding 21, Val Bradshaw 15; Jan Collinson 21, Beryl Kirkbride 19; Margaret O’Donovan 21, Annis Wood 12; Pat Batty 21, Doreen Mattinson 20. Semi-finals: Eunice Riding 21, Jan Collinson 15; Margaret O’Donovan 21, Pat Batty 18. Final: Eunice Riding 21, Margaret O’Donovan 20.

Cas play Wakefield in the final inter district match of the season tomorrow (Friday).

Home team (at Pontefract): S Bridges (captain), R Robbins, B Riding, R Gore, R Willett, R Greene (Glasshoughton), I Lewis, B Clarke, T Booth (Savile Park), P Linley (Rothwell BC). Away team (at Slazengers): P Holleran (captain), H Boulton, J Lynch, B Riddiough, E Parker, F Agar, A Wilson, E Greenough (Pontefract), P Van de Gevel (Savile Park), A Box (Smirthwaite), G Robinson (Glasshoughton).

Castleford and District Veterans Association results:

Premier Section: Smirthwaite A 105, Allerton 90; Cas Town A 107, Garforth Rec A 102; Glasshoughton A 126, Hemsworth 81; Pontefract A 117, Kippax A 83; Valley Ridge A 119, Queens Park A 114; Townville 115, Rothwell BC A 113.

Section A: Colton A 106, Colton B 78; Ferrybridge A 112, Garforth CC 102; Kippax B 122, Glasshoughton B 72; Rothwell BC B 99, Sherburn A 87.

Section B: Swillington B 114, Aberford 74; Garforth Rec B 92, Methley A 126; Valley Gardens A 114, Pontefract B 83; Rothwell Park A 105, Rothwell Park B 105; Queens Park B 103, Woodlesford 115.

Section C: Methley B 76, Cas Town B 102; Sherburn B 102, Ferrybridge B 101; Hawhill Park 107, Valley Gardens B 92.