Rock Inn B climb to top by defeating Wheatsheaf

Rock Inn B beat Wheatsheaf 6-1.
Rock Inn B beat Wheatsheaf 6-1.

ROCK Inn B’s 6-1 victory over Wheatsheaf lifted them to the top of Castleford and District Darts and Dominoes League’s darts section.

Rock are three points clear of closest rivals Progressive Club who lost 5-2 to Rising Sun.

Kippax Central climbed to fourth place with a 6-1 victory over Redhill Social Club.

Rock Inn A moved up two places to 11th spot.

Bottom team Commercial have lost their first eight matches, conceding 52 points and scoring only four points.

Dominoes section leaders Rising Sun are three points clear of title rivals Progressive Club after beating them 3-2.

Conservative Club moved up four places to fourth.

Townville have slipped to sixth spot but have a match in hand.

Olde Tavern’s 3-2 loss against Last Orders saw them slide four places to eighth.

Fives and three section pacesetters Wheatsheaf saw their seven-match winning run end with a 4-1 defeat against third from bottom Rock Inn B who bagged only their second win in eight matches.

Commercial moved up to second place with a 4-1 victory over bottom team Junction 4-1 who are still without a win.

POSITIONS - Darts: Rock Inn B played 8, won 8, points 24; Progressive Club 8-7-21; Wheatsheaf 8-6-18; Kippax Central 8-6-18; Rising Sun 8-6-18; Townville Club 7-5-15; Conservative Club 8-4-12; Junction 8-4-12; Olde Tavern 8-3-9; Last Orders 8-2-6; Rock Inn A 8-2-6; Glasshoughton WMC 7-1-3; Redhill Social Club 8-1-3; Commercial 8-0-0.

Dominoes: Rising Sun 8-6-18; Progressive Club 8-5-15; Rock Inn A 8-5-15; Connservative Club 8-5-15; Junction 8-5-15; Townville Club 7-5-15; Redhill Social Club 8-4-12; Olde Tavern 8-4-12; Kippax Central 8-4-12; Commercial 8-3-9; Wheatsheaf 8-3-9; Rock Inn B 8-2-6; Glasshoughton WMC 7-2-6; Last Orders 8-2-6.

Fives and threes: Wheatsheaf 8-7-21; Commercial 8-6-18; Glasshoughton WMC 7-6-18; Conservative Club 8-5-15; Kippax Central 8-5-15; Townville Club 7-4-12; Rock Inn A 8-4-12; Olde Tavern 8-4-12; Redhill Social Club 8-4-12; Progressive Club 8-4-12; Rising Sun 8-3-9; Rock Inn B 8-2-6; Last Orders 8-1-3; Junction 8-0-0.

Combined sections: Progressive Club 24-16-48; Wheatsheaf 24-16-48; Kippax Central 24-15-45; Rising Sun 24-15-45; Conservative Club 24-14-42; Townville Club 21-14-42; Rock Inn B 24-12-36; Olde Tavern 24-11-33; Rock Inn A 24-11-33; Junction 24-9-27; Glasshoughton WMC 21-9-27; Redhill Social Club 24-9-27; Commercial 24-9-27; Last Orders 24-5-15.