Savile Park’s Portman lifts title

Steve Portmann beat Castleford Town B bowler Liz White 21-14 in the final.
Steve Portmann beat Castleford Town B bowler Liz White 21-14 in the final.

Savile Park bowler Steve Portman won the Castleford veterans singles handicap competition at Valley Gardens Bowling Club on Thursday.

Steve beat Castleford Town B bowler Liz White 21-14 in the final.

With a six points to two start and winning the first end, Liz looked as if she had a commanding lead, but Steve took the next five ends to pull in front at 10-8.

From then on it was one way traffic with Steve maintaining his lead to the finish.

In the quarter finals, Steve pipped teammate Ian Lewis 21-20.

In the semi finals he had to give Fourth Division bowler Jack Varley a six point start but managed to come through 21- 19.

Liz had a tough match in her semi final receiving four points from Dennis Hogg. She went in front 20 12 and eventually scraped home 21-20.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: C Lynch 10, J Varley 21; S Portman 21, I Lewis 20; A Walstow 19, D Hogg 21; L White 21, R Green 15. Semi-finals: J Varley 19, S Portman 21; D Hogg 20, L White 21. Final: S Portman 21, L White 14.

There are 21 entrants for Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s mixed pairs handicap competition which will be held at Garforth Rec BC on Sunday (10am start and scratch).

Dress code applies.

The entrants are:

M Briain/M Chambers (Glasshoughton/Castleford/Savile), D Thomas/K Hill (Glasshoughton/Ossett Flying Horse), T Chambers/J Brain (Glasshoughton/Smirthwaite), A Webb/A Hagen (Glasshoughton/Ossett Flying Horse), M Hill (senior)/S Hill, M Hill junior/J Hill, S Thompson/M O’Donovan (Pontefract), D Dobson/L Dye (Ferrybridge/Castleford), K Smith/C Lynch (Townville), A Lee/E Riding (Valley Gardens/Pontefract), M Lee/K Butterfield (Valley Gardens/Garforth), W Kemp/J Tams (Valley Gardens/Pontefract), R Owen/J Collinson (Queens Park/Garforth Rec), J Varley/C Franks, Mark Harrap/P Batty, Mike Harrap/K Day (Queens Park), S Portman/P Walton (Savile/Methley), M Mace/N Portman (Savile), P Whipp/K Portman (Glasshoughton/Savile), E Parker/N Eustace (Allerton Bywater), G Robinson/V Bradshaw (Allerton/Glasshoughton).

Savile Park won the Association’s Hospice Plate Trophy, beating Fryston in the final at Hawhill Park.

Castleford veterans take on Huddersfield in an inter-district match tomorrow (Friday, 1.30pm start).

The teams are:

Home team (at Pontefract): S Bridges (captain), R Robbins, B Riding, R Gore, B Clarke, R Green (Glasshoughton), P Linley (Rothwell BC), I Lewis (Savile Park), T Booth (Glasshoughton), D Dobson (Ferrybridge),

Away team (at Thongsbridge BC): P Holleran (captain), B Mercer, B Riddiough, J Lynch, F agar, E Greenough (Pontefract), M Sherman, D Hogg, E Parker (Allerton), G Robinson (Glasshoughton), A Box (Smirthwaite), P Van De Gevel (Pontefract).

Latest positions in the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association:


Division 1: Glasshoughton A played 14, won 13, points 2175; Smirthwaite A 14-11-2065; Pontefract A 14-8-2042; Queens Park A 14-8-1995; Castleford Town B 14-8-1939; Allerton Bywater A 14-6-1879; Pontefract B 14-5-1871; Savile Park 14-5-1828; Hawhill Park A 14-5-1795; Glasshoughton B 14-4-1720; Ferrybridge A 13-5-1663; Fryston A 13-4-1643.

Division 2: Townville 12-10-1826; Valley Gardens A 11-9-1685; Allerton Bywater B 12-7-1685; Ferrybridge B 12-7-1581; Smirthwaite B 10-7-1441; Hawhill Park B 12-2-1429; Queens Park B 11-3-1422; Pontefract C 11-5-1368; Featherstone A 9-5-1239; Valley Gardens B 10-0-990.


Glasshoughton 14-13-1113; Queens Park A 14-11-1068; Valley Ridge 14-10-1032; Allerton Bywater 14-7-1016; Townville 14-10-984; Queens Park B 14-8-970; Valley Gardens 14-6-937; Featherstone 14-6-935; Kippax 14-3-868; Methley 14-3-812; Ferrybridge 14-3-802; Hawhill Park 14-1-650.


Division 1: Savile Park 10-5-1427;. Pontefract A 9-9-1352; Fryston 9-4-1257; Allerton Bywater A 9-5-1197; Castleford Town B 8-3-1096; Glasshoughton A 7-6-1045; Ferrybridge 8-2-1038; Valley Gardens 9-0-1033; Townville 7-2-921.

Division 2: Pontefract B 9-6-1271; Queens Park 9-4-1214; Smirthwaite 8-4-1101; Featherstone 8-4-1030; Hawhill 8-3-955.


Premier: Rothwell BC A 13-10-1466; Glasshoughton A 13-7-1365; Pontefract A 13-7-1332; Cas Town A 12-7-1317; Colton A 13-7-1315; Queens Park A 13-5-1310; Garforth Rec A 13-5-1282; Garforth CC A 12-7-1272; Valley Ridge A 13-5-1267; Smirthwaite A 12-7-1264; Kippax A 13-3-1183.

Section A: Allerton 11-9-1240; Hawhill Park A 11-6-1168; Ferrybridge A 11-7-1155; Sherburn A 11-5-1148; Pontefract B 11-6-1143; Glasshoughton B 11-5-1110; Methley A 11-3-1087; Savile Park A 10-6-1038; Townville 10-5-1024; Colton B 11-2-940.

Section B: Swillington A 11-9-1270; Cas Town B 11-9-1207; Rothwell BC B 11-7-1194; Rothwell Park B 11-7-1155; Valley Gardens A 11-4-1113; Woodlesford A 11-6-1085; Rothwell Park A 11-7-1071; Smirthwaite B 11-3-1052; Aberford 11-2-975; Swillington B 11-1-936.

Section C: Featherstone 10-8-1110; Garforth CC B 10-6-1035; Queens Park B 9-5-996; Valley Ridge B 10-5-991; Garforth Rec B 9-6-988; Hawhill Park B 10-4-985; Valley Gardens B 10-1-909; Ferrybridge B 9-6-881; Sherburn B 9-2-860.


Division 1: Ossett Flying Horse 10-10-1210; Pontefract 10-5-999; Garforth Rec 10-5-951; Wakefield 11-2 889; Methley 9-3-775.