Sue in Yorkshire team to face Staffordshire

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SAVILE Park’s Sue Haigh (pictured) has been selected for the Yorkshire County Crown Green Bowling Association ladies team for their county match against Staffordshire on Sunday, May 15 (2pm).

Sue is in the team for the home match at Wakefield Bowling Club. Reserves include Karen Portman and Lisa Rice (both Savile Park) and Lyn Dye (Castleford Town).

Christine Sutcliffe (Methley) is among the reserves for the away match at Silverdale BC.

Meanwhile, Allerton Bywater are the early pacesetters in Saturday Division One of the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association.

They are 27 points ahead of closest rivals Featherstone.

LEAGUE PLACINGS - Saturday League Division One: Allerton Bywater played 4, points 555; Featherstone 4-528, Pontefract B 4-523, Savile Park 3-471, Fryston A 3-432, Pontefract A 3-415, Glasshoughton B 3-411, Glasshoughton A 2-325, Woodlesford 2-216.

Division Two: Ferrybridge 2-290, Cas Town B 2-288, Hawhill Park 2-277, Savile Park B 2-273, Queens Park 2-263, Townville 1-148, Valley Gardens 1-104.

Evening League Division One: Glasshoughton A 4-615, Savile Park 4-559, Pontefract A 4-543, Fryston A 4-526, Cas Town B 4-511, Colton 4-505, Garforth CC 4-436, Smirthwaite A 3-426, Glasshoughton B 3-425, Cas Town A 3-424, Pontefract B 3-399.

Division Two: Townville 4-548, Allerton Bywater A 3-456, Ferrybridge A 3-453, Featherstone A 3-451, Smirthwaite B 3-373, Featherstone B 3-323, Queens Park A 2-299, Valley Gardens A 2-254, Hawhill Park A 2-246, Savile Park B 1-133.

Division Three: Allerton Bywater B 4-559, Valley Gardens B 4-526, Hawhill Park B 4-525, Queens Park B 4-477, Ferrybridge C 4-475, Ferrybridge B 3-470, Savile Park D 3-458, Glasshoughton C 3-440, Pontefract C 3-400, Fryston C 3-384, Cas Town C 3-375..

Ladies League: Ossett Flying Horse 3-344, Cas Town 3-310, Garforth Rec 3-281, Methley 3-256, Savile Park 2-222, Pontefract 2-192, Allerton Bywater 2-163.

Pairs League: Allerton Bywater 3-227, Glasshoughton 3-226, Fryston A 3-219, Featherstone 3-217, Valley Ridge 3-211, Valley Gardens 3-205, Queens Park A 3-203, Kippax 3-199, Queens Park B 3-179, Hawhill Park 3-175, Ferrybridge 2-137.

The first round of the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s Birkill Cup will be played on Monday, May 9 (6.30pm start). The matches, team handicaps and venues are:

Glasshoughton (scr) v Ferrybridge (20) at Townville, Savile Park (scr) v Queens Park (20) at Allerton, Valley Gardens (20) v Pontefract A (scr) at Cas Town, Pontefract B (scr) v Featherstone (20) at Hawhill, Cas Town A (scr) v Savile Park B (20) at Queens Park. Fryston, Cas Town B and Allerton have byes.