Swan send champions crashing to first defeat

Champions Foundry Lane A slipped to their  first defeat in four matches this season.
Champions Foundry Lane A slipped to their first defeat in four matches this season.

SWAN PULLED off an upset in Knottingley Town Pool League by beating defending champions Foundry Lane A 5-3.

It was leaders Foundry Lane A’s first defeat in four matches this season.

They are five points clear of second-placed Foundry Lane B who have a match in hand.

RESULTS: Foundry Lane B 5, Progressive B 3; Steampacket 0, Winston 8; Swan 5, Foundry Lane A 3; Foundry Lane A 6, Progressive A 2; Foundry Lane B 3, Foundry Lane A 5; Golden Lion 3, Winston 5; Progressive B 3, Progressive A 5; Steampacket 2, Foundry Lane A 6; Progressive B 3, Golden Lion 5; Swan 3, Progressive A 5; Winston 1, Foundry Lane B 7.

POSITIONS: Foundry Lane A played 4, wonn 3, points 20; Foundry Lane B 3-2-15; Winston 3-2-14; Progressive A 3-2-12; Progressive B 3-0-9; Golden Lion 2-1-8; Swan 2-1-8; Steampacket 2-0-2; Anvil 0-0-0; Railway 0-0-0.

Cue Club made a great start in Pontefract and District Pool League by trouncing Olde Tree Inn 10-0 in the opening match.

RESULTS: Ambience A 8, Ambience B 2; Willow Park B 4, Willow Park A 6; Byram Park A 6, Byram Park B 4; Cue Club 10, Old Tree Inn 0; Elephant 2, Olde Tavern 8; Foundry Lane Club 8, Malt Shovel 2; Glasshoughton WMC 8, Kellingley Club 2.

POSITIONS: Cue Club played 1, won 1, points 10; Ambience A 1-1-8; Olde Tavern 1-1-8; Foundry Lane Club 1-1-8; Glasshoughton WMC 1-1-8; Byram Park A 1-1-6; Willow Park A 1-1-6; Willow Park B 1-0-4; Byram Park B 1-0-4; Malt Shovel 1-0-2; Ambience B 1-0-2; Elephant 1-0-2; Kellingley Club 1-0-2; Old Tree Inn 1-0-0; B and S 0-0-0.

Fixtures for this evening (Thursday): Malt Shovel v Foundry Lane Club; Olde Tavern v Elephant; Olde Tree Inn v Cue Club; Willow Park B v Willow Park A; Byram Park B v Byram Park A; Ambience B v Ambience A; Kellingley Club v Glasshoughton WMC.

Meanwhile, Castleford and District Snooker League’s new season gets underway this evening (Thursday).

Section A fixtures are:

Elmet A v Pontefract Cue Club A, Green Bowling A v Smawthorne A, Ladybalk A v Garforth WMC B, Pontefract Cue Club F v Pontefract Cue Club H, Smawthorne C v Pontefract Cue Club E, Smawthorne D v Methley Ex-Service A, Swillington Welfare C v Garforth Country Club A.