Table-toppers Ambience bag 17th win in 18 games

Ambience A eased to a 7-3 win at Elephant.
Ambience A eased to a 7-3 win at Elephant.

LEADERS Ambience A eased to a 7-3 win at Elephant in Pontefract and District Pool League.

It was Ambience’s 17th win in 18 games. They are eight points clear of closest rivals Glasshoughton WMC who have played two more matches.

RESULTS: Ambience B 2, Olde Tavern 8; Byram Park A 7, Cue Club 3; Willow Park A 8, B and S Sports Club 2; Elephant 3, Ambience A 7; Foundry Lane Club 7, Byram Park B 3.

TONIGHT’S FIXTURES: Ambience A v Cue Club, Olde Tavern v Malt Shovel, Byram Park A v B and S Sports Club, Willow Park A v Ambience B, Elephant v Byram Park B, Foundry Lane Club v Willow Park B.

POSITIONS: Ambience played 18, won 17, points 144, Glasshoughton WMC 20-16-136; Olde Tavern 18-16-133; Kellingley Club 20-12-117; Cue Club 19-13-113; Foundry Lane Club 21-10-106; Elephant 22-11-102; Byram Park A 17-9-87; Ambience B 18-7-79; Willow Park A 18-6-69; Byram Park B 17-5-57; B and S Club 18-4-56; Malt Shovel (Pontefract) 18-2-48; Willow Park B 16-2-47.

KNOTTINGLEY TOWN Pool League table-toppers Foundry Lane A won 7-1 at Golden Lion. Foundry are 34 points clear of second-placed Swan.

RESULTS: Golden Lion 1, Foundry Lane A 7; Progressive B 6, Railway 2; Steampacket 0, Anvil 8; Winston 3, Progressive A 5.

POSITIONS: Foundry Lane A played 26, won 23, points 158; Swan 24-18-124; Progressive A 24-15-102; Winston 26-11-99; Progressive B 24-10-87; Anvil 21-8-83; Foundry Lane B 19-11-82; Golden Lion 21-7-60; Railway 17-6-52; Steampacket 22-3-49.