Thomas and Bell are the top pair

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GLASSHOUGHTON’S David Thomas and his partner home bowler Pat Bell (pictured) won Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s Polar Ford sponsored mixed pairs handicap competition at Garforth Rec BC on Sunday.

Polar Ford representative Matthew Sawyer presented the trophy to the winning pair after the match.

David and Pat beat Dennis Dobson of Ferrrybridge and his partner Lyn Dye of Castleford 21-11 in the final after overcoming Andy Webb and Amanda Hagen in the semis. Dennis and Lyn beat last year’s winners Stuart Thompson and Maureen Chambers in the semis. The association are grateful to Polar Ford for their continued sponsorship.

RESULTS - Quarterfinal: M Hill (J)/M Lee 15, A Webb/A Hagen 21; M Lee/J Harrison 15, D Thomas/P Bell 21; D Dobson/L Dye 21, M Sherman/N Eustace 15; S Thompson/M Chambers 21, M Harrap/K Hill 3. Semi-finals: A Webb/A Hagen 18, D Thomas/P Bell 21; D Dobson/L Dye 21, S Thompson/M Chambers 14. Final: D Thomas/PBell 21, D Dobson/L Dye 11.

There are 34 entrants for the association’s YMCA gents individual handicap competition at Queens Park on Sunday (10am start).

Dress code applies.

The entrants are:

M Lewis (Glasshoughton/Garforth), D Harrap, D Thomas, T Chambers, S Thompson, M Brain, R Thomas, Rob Lloyd, R Robbins (all Glasshoughton), Ryan Lloyd (Glasshoughton/Savile), D Garbutt, C Hart, P Mountain (all Fryston), S Morrison, J Durham, M Hill (all Pontefract), S Waite, M Harrap (both Queens Park), A Lee, M Lee, C Young (all Valley Gardens), K Smith (Hawhill), D Dobson (Ferrybridge/Castleford), E Lunn, J Bennett, D Rundle (all Ferrybridge), C Newton, A Box (both Smirthwaite), A Webb, S Newport, M Sinnett (all Castleford), M Hagen, M Mace, S Portman (all Savile Park).

There are 11 entrants for the YMCA Ladies Individual Merit competition which will also be held at Queens Park on Sunday (1pm) start. The entrants are:

M Chambers (Glasshoughton/Cas Town), S Williams (Fryston), J Hill, S Hill (both Pontefract), P Stewart, M Lee (both Valley Gardens), B Cade (Hawhikll), E Rundle (Ferrybridge), A Hagen (Ossett Flying Horse), L Dye (Castleford), K Portman (Savile/Methley).