Thompson wins three titles at annual festival

Stuart Thompson was in outstanding form at the annual festival at Pontefract Bowling Club last weekend.
Stuart Thompson was in outstanding form at the annual festival at Pontefract Bowling Club last weekend.

Glasshoughton’s Stuart Thompson swept the board at Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s annual festival at Pontefract Bowling Club last weekend.

Thompson won the gents individual title, the gents pairs tournament with partner Rob Lloyd and the mixed pairs competition with partner Margaret O’Donovan.

The two-day festival, sponsored by McTigue Funeral Directors, commenced with the ladies individual competition on Saturday afternoon, followed by the gents pairs. Sunday morning saw the ladies pairs followed by the gents individual and finally the mixed pairs.

All the tournaments featured superb bowling with many games going down to the wire.

Mother and daughter Karen and Nichola Portman contested the final of the ladies individual tournament.

When Karen took a 15-1 lead it seemed to be all over, but Nichola fought back to level at 18-18 before Karen finally ran out the winner.

The gents pairs final produced another close match with Stuart Thompson and Rob Lloyd beating fellow club mates Andy Webb and Mark Brain 21 -19.

In a keenly-fought ladies pairs final, Jan Collinson and Eunice Riding defeated Margaret O’Donovan and Maureen Chambers 21-19.

Thompson won his second title by beating Sam Waite 21-12 in the gents individual finnal.

The last competition of a very busy weekend was the mixed pairs with Stuart and Margaret, in her second final, running out 21-19 winners against Rob Lloyd and Karen Portman, both also in their second finals


Ladies Individual - Quarterfinals: M Chambers 15, E Riding 21; A Charlotte 3, K Portman 21; S Hill 11, N Portman 21; A Hagen 9, J Brain 21. Semi-finals: E Riding 15, K Portman 21; N Portman 21 , J Brain 16. Final: K.Portman 21, N Portman 18

Gents pairs - Quarterfinals: M Brain/A Webb 21, D and J Thomas 6; A Walstow/D White 21, G Greenwood/M Lawrence 16; S and G Portman 11, R Lloyd/S Thompson 21; S .Waite/T Hawkins 15, D Watson/C King 21. Semi-finals: M Brain/A Webb 21, A Walstow/D White 7; R Lloyd/S Thompson 21, D Watson/C King 7. Final:M Brain/A Webb 19, R Lloyd/S Thompson 21.

Ladies pairs - Quarterfinals: L Dye/V Bradshaw 21, J Brain/A Hagen 12; P Walton/M Croxall 3, M O’Donovan/M. Chambers 21; M Depledge/M Harvey 11, D Bradbury/C Lawrence 21; K and N Portman 14, J Collinson/E Riding 21. Semi-finals: L Dye/V Bradshaw 17, M O’Donovan/M Chambers 21; D Bradbury/C Lawrence 10, J Collinson/E Riding 21. Final: M O’Donovan/M Chambers 19, J Collinson/E Riding 21.

Gents individual - Quarterfinals: E Parker 14, J Webster 21; D Watson 12, S Thompson 21; W Kemp 11, D Dobson 21; S Waite 21, J Sharp 14. Semi-finals: J Webster 16, S Thompson 21; D Dobson 11, S Waite 21. Final: S Thompson 21, S Waite 12.

Mixed pairs -Quarterfinals: D Thomas/M Chambers 21, D Dobson/L Dye 10; E Parker/N Eustace 5, R Lloyd/K Portman 21; A Webb/A Hagen 21, A Box/P Batty 0; K Smith/C Lynch 15, S Thompson/M O’Donovan 21. Semi-finals: D Thomas/M Chambers 18, R Lloyd/K Portman 21; A Webb/A Hagen 19, S. Thompson/M O’Donovan 21; Final: R Lloyd/K Portman 19, S Thompson/M O’Donovan 21.

Unclaimed raffle prizes from the festival weekend were 1495, 1231, 3118, 1934, 875, 1232, 1854, 878, 1296, 1276, 1725 and 1064.

Anyone with those numbers should phone Pat on 01132863891.

Fryston BC, playing their second final this season, beat Smirthwaite BC 170-132 in the Hospice Cup at Ferrybridge.

RESULTS (Fryston players named first): C Hart 21, A France 12; Mick Harrap 21, M Mace 19; S Harrison 21, G Powis 9; D Baines 14, M Watson 21; R Roberts 21, B Daniel 18; N Johnson 21, M Nowakowski 18; P Hirst 14, M Ward 21; Mark Harrap 21, R Dunwell 14.

The Hospice Plate Final will be at Hawhill BC next Monday (July 18) between Allerton A and Pontefract A

Castleford veterans’ handicap merit competition will be played at Valley Ridge BC next Tuesday, July 19, with the final next Thursday. Play starts at 11am both days and dress code applies.

The 46 entrants are:

A Glenn, B Clarke, G Robinson, A Box, E Parker, K Curry, D Hogg, D Render, P Baddeley, K Thomas, M Depledge, M Harvey, P Harvey, G Hartley, M Croxall, M Boyes, B Mercer, J Lynch, E Greenhough, A Wilson, M Hill, M Harrap, D White, J Varley, P Batty, D Dobson, D Rundle, V Bradshaw, D Milnes, M Tonks, G Bradbury, K Smith, D Ellis, K Jones, C Lynch, D Senior, G Dodd, L Dye, T Hawkins, S Portman, I Lewis, P Whipp, D Johnson, J Lunn, J Peacock, R Brown.

Allerton Bywater boast a 100 per cent record in Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s pairs league.

They have won all their 11 matches so far and are five points clear of second-placed Valley Ridge, with Glasshoughton a further 16 points adrift in third place.

Latest placings:


Division 1: Glasshoughton A played 12, won 10, points 1762; Savile Park A 12-8-1713; Pontefract A 12-6-1679; Queens Park A 12- 4-1602; Ferrybridge A 12-5-1560; Pontefract B 12-4-1554; Valley Gardens A 12-5-1551; Smirthwaite A 10-9-1500; Castleford Town 11-6-1500; Allerton Bywater A 11-5-1500; Hawhill Park A 12-5-1486; Townville 12-3-1430.

Division 2: Smirthwaite B 11-9-1595; Glasshoughton B 11-8-1579; Allerton Bywater B 11-6-1525; Featherstone 11-7-1518; Ferrybridge B 11-3-1468; Queens Park B 11-5-1434; Pontefract C 11-4-1338; Fryston 9-9-1298; Hawhill Park B 11-2-1258; Savile Park B 11-4-1247; Valley Gardens B 10-1-1133.


Allerton Bywater 11-11-868; Valley Ridge 12-6-863; Glasshoughton 11- 9- 847; Townville 12- 8-824; Ferrybridge 12-5-761; Featherstone 11-5-750; Valley Gardens 12-5-747; Queens Park 10-4-665; Methley 11-3-618; Kippax 10-3-554; Hawhill Park 10-0-476.


Division 1: Castleford Town 13-10-1959; Pontefract A 13-8-1816; Ferrybridge 13-6-1783; Glasshoughton 11-11-1758; Fryston 13-6-1736; Savile Park 12-8-1661; Smirthwaite 12-5-1620; Allerton Bywater 11-7-1528; Featherstone 13-5-1510; Valley Gardens 12-3-1486; Hawhill Park 13-1-1484; Pontefract B 12-4-1445; Townville 10-3-1169.


Premier: R othwell BC A 11-10-1296; Smirthwaite A 11-6-1152; Glasshoughton A 11-4-1149; Cas Town A 11-5-1142; Garforth Rec A 11-6-1119; Queens Park A 11-6-1119; Garforth CC A 11-5-1111; Valley Ridge A 11-4-1082; Allerton 11-5-1068; Pontefract A 10-7-1048; Townville 11-2-991.

Section A: Ferrybridge A 10-6-1079; Sherburn A 10-6-1048; Kippax 10-6-1047; Colton A 10-5-1042; Savile Park A 10-6-1013; Hawhill Park A 10-5-1012; Cas Town B 10-7- 994; Pontefract B 10-3-985; Swillington A 10-4-965; Glasshoughton B 10-2-960.

Section B: Aberford A 10-8-1121; Rothwell Park B 10-7-1067; Valley Gardens A 10- 5-1060; Woodlesford A 9-8-1048; Featherstone 10-4-1014; Colton B 10-4-985; Rothwell Park A 10-4-965; Methley 10-3-951; Queens Park B 10-3-932; Rothwell BC B 9- 3-867.

Section C: Smirthwaite B 12-9-1330; Garforth Rec B 12-6-1268; Ferrybridge B 12- 6-1263; Garforth CC B 12-5-1253; Swillington B 12-6-1227; Sherburn B 11-8-1186; Aberford B 12-6-1184; Valley Ridge B 12-5-1167; Hawhill Park B 11-8-1160; Woodlesford B 12-4-1123; Valley Gardens B 12-4-1111; Savile Park B 12-2-1084.


Division 1: Ossett Flying Horse 8-8-958; Pontefract 9-5-870; Methley 9-1-804; Garforth Rec 9-5-798; Queens Park 9-2-774.