Tomlinson wins singles final by beating doubles partner

Michael Tomlinson proudly displays the trophy after winning Saturday evening's singles final.
Michael Tomlinson proudly displays the trophy after winning Saturday evening's singles final.

Pontefract Cue Club’s Michael Tomlinson won Castleford and District Snooker League’s singles tournament.

In the final at Cue Club on Saturday evening, he had breaks of 58 and 63 as he defeated Peter Fisher 4-0. The match was refereed by Mick Davenport.

Fisher, who won the league’s scratch doubles competition with Cue Club teammate Tomlinson, was slightly below par last Saturday evening, having played all day in the Yorkshire singles tournament at Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds where he qualified for the final.

On the league scene, Pontefract Cue Club F have a one point lead over Cue Club E in Section A after beating them 8-2.

Smawthorne D’s title bid was rocked by a 10-0 defeat at Elmet A and Methley Ex Serv A also slipped up, losing 8-2 to Pontefract Cue Club H.

Ladybalk A maintained their challenge by beating Kippax Central B 8-2.

Garforth CC A climbed to the top of Section B with an 8-2 victory over St Joseph’s A.

Section C pacesetters Kippax Central A defeated Pontefract Cue Club D 8-2.

Second-placed Garforth CC B trounced St Joseph’s B 10-0.

Knottingley Conservative A and Methley Ex Service Club B also collected maximum points in the same division by hammering Knottingley Conservatives B and Pontefract Conservatives B respectively.

RESULTS - Section A: Elmet A 10, Smawthorne D 0; Ladybalk A 8, Kipppax Central B 2; Methley Ex Serv A 2, Ponte Cue Club H 8; Ponte Cue Club E 2, Ponte Cue Club F 8; Smawthorne C 8, Ponbte Bowling A 2; Swillington Social A 8, Smawthorne A 2; Swillington Welf C 4, Garforth WMC C 6.

Section B: Featherstone A 8, Rockware C 2; Garforth CC A 8, St Joseph’s A 2; Garforth WMC D 6, Featherstone B 4; Ponte Cue Club C 6, Ponte Cue Club B 4; Ponte Cue Club I 2, Townville B 8; Townville A 8, Edward B 2.

Section C: Kippax Central A 8, Ponte Cue C lub D 2; Knottingley Cons A 10, Knottingley CVons B 0; Ponte Cons B 0, Methley Ex Serv B 10; Rockware A 6, Swillington Welf A 4; Smawthorne B 8, Carleton A 2; St Joseph’s B 0, Garforth CC B 10; Swillington Welf B 4, Prince of Wales B 6.

Section D: Kellingley Club A 2, Swillington Welf D 8; Kippax Ex Serv A 0, Ponte Cons A 10; Ponte Bowling B 2, Great Preston B 8; Prince of Wales A 2, Prince of Wales C 8; Prtogressive A 8, Garforth WMC A 2; YMCA A 10, Kippax Ex Serv B 0.

POSITIONS - Section A: Ponte Cue Club F played 27, won 19, points 157; Ponte Cue Club E 27-18-156; Ladybalk A 27-16-151; Smawthorne D 27-15-150; Methley Ex-Serv A 27-17-150; Elmet A 27-14-142; Ponte Cue Club H 27-12-139; Smawthorne A 27-14-134; Smawthorne C 27-12-130; Swillington Welf C 27-13-129; Swillington Social A 28-12-126; Kippax Central B 27-11-124; Ponte Bowling A 27-8-106; Garforth WMC C 27-9-106.

Section B: Garforth CC A 25-16-148; Green Bowling A 25-15-142; Featherstone B 25-15-142; Ponte Cue Club A 25-15-140; St Joseph’s A 25-14-138; Garforth WMC D 25-13-136; Pontefract Cue Club I 25-14-132; Townville B 26-14-132; Townville A 25-13-126; Ponte Cue Club C 25-12-122; Ponte Cue Club B 25-12-114; Edward B 25-11-114; Featherstone A 26-8-102; Rockware C 25-4-72.

Section C: Kippax Central A 28-21-166; Garforth CC B 27-18-160; Ponte Cue Club D 27-17-158; Swillington Welf A 27-12-147; Swillington Welf B 27-15-144; Carleton A 27-14-140; Methley Ex Serv B 27-13-139; Knottingley Cons B 27-12-134; St Joseph’s B 27-14-130; Smawthorne B 27-11-136; Rockware A 27-12-122; Ponte Cons B 27-11-118; Green Bowling B 27-13-116; Knottingley Cons A 27-10-114; Prince of Wales WMC B 27-9-108.

Section D: Pontefract Cue Club G 25-22-172; Swillington Welfare D 25-15-152; Prince of Wales C 26-15-148; YMCA A 25-14-138; Kippax Ex Service A 25-15-136; Garforth Working Mens Club A 25-14-132; Pontefract Cons A 26-15-132; Progressive A 25-9-118; Pontefract Bowling Club B 25-11-116; Kippax Ex-Service B 25-11-114; Pontefract Social B 25-10-112; Great Preston B 25-8-86; Kellingley Club A 25-3-72.