Top bowlers battle it out at annual festival

Last year's winner Robert Lloyd  will be defending the gents individual title on Sunday.
Last year's winner Robert Lloyd will be defending the gents individual title on Sunday.

here is a feast of top-class bowls on the cards this weekend when Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association stages the finals of its annual festival.

The finals, sponsored by McTigue’s Funeral Directors, are at Pontefract Bowling Club on Saturday and Sunday.

The ladies individual and gents pair competition finals are on Saturday and the ladies pairs, gents individual and mixed pairs finals on Sunday.

All players should arrive at least 15 minutes before start time. Dress code applies.

The draw for the finals is:


Ladies individual (2pm start): Nicola Portman v Sheila Proberts, Eunice Riding v Nicola Eustace, Maureen Chambers v Val Bradshaw, Lynn Dye v Karen Portman.

Gents pairs (6pm start): Jack Sharp & Alan Walstow v Danny Revell & Jake Durham, Mark Mace & Peter Whipp v Stuart Thompson & Robert Lloyd, Michael Wood & Geoff Greenwood v Ted Parker & Paul Baddeley, Steve Portman & D Woffinden v Alan Lee & Wayne Kemp.


Ladies pairs (10am start): Jan Collinson & Eunice Riding v Karen Portman & Nicola Portman, Nicola Eustace & Val Bradshaw v Thelma Newbould & Elizabeth Rundle, Pat Walton & Maggie Boyes v Lisa Thompson & Margaret O’Donovan, Doreen Shipley & Joyce Emery v Maureen Chambers & June Johnson.

Gents individual (2pm start): Alan Lee v Dennis Dobson, Mark Harrap v David Watson, John Webster v David Thomas, Ted Parker v Robert Lloyd.

Mixed pairs (6pm start): Andy Webb & Amanda Hagen v John Webster & Lisa Thompson, Steve Portman & Pat Walton v Ron Willett & Doreen Shipley, Stuart Thompson & Maureen Chambers v Robert Lloyd & Karen Portman, Mark Mace & Nicola Portman v David Thomas & Karen Hill.

The Association’s Hospice Cup final between Glasshoughton A and Pontefract A will be played at Allerton Bywater next Monday (July 14, 6.30pm). Dress code applies.

Latest Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association positions:


Division 1 : Smirthwaite A played 11, won 8, points 1627; Glasshoughton A 10-10-1533; Pontefract A 11-5-1521; Castleford Town B 11-7-1475; Savile Park 11-5-1447; Ferrybridge A 11-5-1435; Allerton Bywater A 11-3-1397; Fryston A 10-3-1329; Queens Park A 10-3-1312; Pontefract B 10-3-1186.

Division 2: Featherstone A 10-6-1456; Hawhill Park A 9- 9-1395; Valley Gardens A 10-5-1353; Savile Park D 10-6- 1336; Methley 10-3-1256; Townville 9-4-1226; Pontefract C 9-4- 1176; Glasshoughton B 8-5-1139; Hawhill Park B 3-0-951.

Division 3: Allerton Bywater B 9-8-1347; Smirthwaite B 8-6-1168; Ferrybridge B 8- 5-1088; Valley Gardens B 9-0-1016; Queens Park B 8-2-1006;

Pairs: Glasshoughton played 13-9-968; Kippax 13- 7-956; Queens Park B 13-7-928; Queens Park A 12-10-895; Allerton Bywater 12-10-892; Valley Ridge 12-7-861; Fryston A 13-6- 858; Valley Gardens 13-5-844; Ferrybridge 13-5- 784; Methley 13-4-755; Featherstone 12-4-742; Hawhill Park 13-2-623.


Division 1: Fryston A 8-6- 1099; Glasshoughton A 7- 7- 1076; Savile Park 7-4-1010; Castleford Town B 7-5-997; Ferrybridge 7-2-896; Queens Park 8-0-895; Pontefract A 6- 4-889; Allerton Bywater A 6- 2- 778; Smirthwaite 6-1-676.

Division 2: Townville 7-6-1020; Featherstone 7-4-956; Valley Gardens 6-3-811; Pontefract B 6-2-805; Savile Park B 6-1-708.

Latest Castleford and District Veterans Bowling Association results:

Premier: Glasshoughton A 93, Cas Town A 104; Garforth Rec A 119, Kippax A 82; Allerton 95, Queens Park A 91; Hemsworth 121, Rothwell BC A 95; Smirthwaite A 96, Townville 92; Pontefract A 115, Valley Ridge A 98.

Section A: Kippax B 93, Colton A 85; Colton B 126, Glasshoughton B 68; Garforth CC 122, Hawhill Park A 79; Rothwell BC 122, Savile Park A 84.

Section B: Rothwell Park A 118, Garforth Rec B 94; Woodlesford 111, Pontefract B 89; Methley A 108, Rothwell Park B 88; Swillington B 111, Swillington A 111; Queens Park B 104, Valley Gardens A 106.

Section C: Cas Town B 122, ferrybridge B 82; Valley Gardens B 79, Smirthwaite B 125.