Top-notch performance by Glasshoughton in the final

GLASSHOUGHTON'S Stuart Thompson in action.
GLASSHOUGHTON'S Stuart Thompson in action.

GLASSHOUGHTON A beat Pontefract A 162-138 in the final of Castleford and District Bowling Association’s Top Team tournament which was played in atrocious weather at Garforth Rec Bowling Club on Sunday.

In the quarterfinals Glasshoughton defeated a Castleford junior team 168-127 and in the semi-finals they overcame Castleford district’s top lady team Ossett Flying Horse 162-111.

After a bye in the quarterfinals, Pontefract coasted to a 168-100 semi-final win against Glasshoughton C.

The results in the final (Glasshoughton players named first) were:

M Lewis 21, R Charlotte 17; T Chambers 19, S Carroll 21; S Haigh 21, D Revell 12; R Lloyd 21, D Watson 13; M Brain 20, JJ Durham 21; M Chambers 18, W Rush 21; D Thomas 21, H Boulton 17; S Thompson 21, J Durham 16.

The results of the Association’s Birkill Cup matches on Monday were:

Fryston 192, Pontefract 180; Featherstone 164, Ferrrybridge 178; Savile Park 147, Castleford Town ‘A’ 178; Allerton Bywater 160, Valley Gardens 195.

The Association’s Hospice Cup first round matches will be played on Monday, May 14 (6.30pm start).

The draw and venues, with the team handicaps in brackets, are:

Pontefract A (scr) v Ferrybridge A (16) at Hawhill; Valley Gardens B (32) v Glasshoughton A (scr) at Queens Park; Allerton A (scr) v Fryston A (16) at Savile Park; Featherstone (16) v Savile Park (scr) at Castleford Town. Byes: Townville, Castleford B, Valley Gardens A, Castleford A.

The Hospice Plate first round will also be played on Monday, May 14 (6.30pm start).

The draw is:

Ferrybridge B (16) v Hawkill B (32) at Glasshoughton, Fryston B (32) v Allerton B (16) at Ferrybridge. Byes: Savile Park D, Glasshoughton B, Colton, Pontefract B, Hawhill A, Queens Park.

Meanwhile, Castleford and District Veterans Bowling Association take on Bradford in an inter district match today (Friday, 1.30pm start).

Castleford’s team for the home leg at at Methley BC is:

D Hartley (captain), P Linley (both Rothwell BC), F Marsden, R Green, L Shaw (all Hemsworth Cons), S Bridges, R Robbins, R Gore, B Riding (all Glasshoughton), T Booth, B Clarke (both Valley Ridge), I Lewis (Savile Park).

Castleford’s away team (at Peel Park, Bradford): P Holleran (captain), D Ellis (both Woodlesford), B Mercer, B Riddiough, J Lynch, H Boulton (all Pontefract), J Fisher (Valley Ridge), G Robinson, R Willett (both Glasshoughton), B Sutton (Savile Park), A Box (Smirthwaite), S Wright (Queens Park).

Latest association results:

Premier Division: Allerton 107, Hemsworth 98 Colton A 107, Valley Ridge A 99; Glasshoughton A 106, Queens Park A 97; Rothwell BC A 115, Kippax A 98; Smirthwaite A 123, Pontefract 89.

Section A: Cas Town A 115, Swillington A 86; Fryston 101, Featherstone 70; Hawhill Park A 90, Savile Park A 108; Sherburn A 87, Glasshoughton B 109; Townville 105, Garforth CC 106.

Section B: Garforth Rec B 111, Rothwell BC B 67; Kippax B 108, Aberford 109; Saville Park B 99, Methley A 105; Valley Ridge B 102, Colton B 101.

Section C: Ferrybridge B 98, Sherburn B 76; Methley B 120, Smirthwaite B 79; Queens Park B 113, Hawhill Park B 94; Swillington B 123, Cas Town B 74; Woodlesford B 103, Valley Gardens A 99.