Top snooker teams battle it out

Jeff Lewis (left) and Neil Pycroft, of Smawthorne, won Castleford and District Snooker League's pairs handicap competition, beating Ladybalk's Alan Page and Andy Cowling in the final.
Jeff Lewis (left) and Neil Pycroft, of Smawthorne, won Castleford and District Snooker League's pairs handicap competition, beating Ladybalk's Alan Page and Andy Cowling in the final.

Castleford and District Snooker League’s Champion of Champions Trophy quarterfinals and promotion play-offs will be played this evening (Thursday).

The top two teams in each of the league’s four sections compete in the Champion of Champions Trophy.

The quarterfinal draw is:

Cue Club F v Townville B, Cue Club A v Swillington D, Cue Club E v Garforth WMC A, Garforth WMC D v Swillington C.

The play-off ties involving teams that finished third, fourth, fifth and sixth are:

Section A: Rothwell WMC A v Kippax Central B; Garforth WMC B v Ladybalk A. Section B: Smawthorne B v St Joseph’s A; Townville A v Smawthorne A. Section C: Rockware C v Swillington Welfare A; Prince of Wales A v Cue Club D. Section D: Pontefract Conservatives B v Great Preston B; Kippax Ex-Service A v Kippax Ex-Service B.

RESULTS - Section A: Elmet A 2, Ponte Bowling A 8; Great Preston C 8, Swillington Welf D 2; Kippax Central B 8, Garforth WMC B 2; Ladybalk A 10, Great Preston A 0; Ponte Cue Club C 8, Green Bowling A 2; Ponte Cue Club F 6, B & S Sports Club A 4; Roundhill A 6, Prince of Wales B 4; Smawthorne D 0, Rothwell WMC A 10.

Section B: Carleton 6, Rockware B 4; Garforth WMC C 8, NADS A 2; Knottingley Cons B 4, Smawthorne B 6; Ponte Cue Club E 6, Ponte Cue Club B 4; Progressive B 4, Garforth CC A 6; St Joseph’s A 8, Smawthorne A 2; Swillington Welf C 2, Ponte Cue Club G 8; Townville A 2, Ponte Social A 8.

Section C: Edward B 2, Swillington Social A 8; Garforth WMC D 8, Queen Victoria 2; Green Bowling B 0, Garforth WMC A 10; Ponte Cue Club D 4, Featherstone A 6; Prince of Wales A 8, Progressive A 2; Rockware C 6, Carleton A 4; Smawthorne C 6, Ponte Cons A 4; Swillington Welf B 2, Swillington Welf A 8.

Section D: Garforth CC B 6, Hopetown WMC A 4; Great Preston B 8, Ponte Cue Club A 2; Kippax Ex-Serv B 4, Rockware A 6; Ponte Bowling B 4, Prince of Wales C 6; Ponte Cons B 6, St Joseph’s B 4; Ponte Social B 4, Townville B 6; Swillington Social B 4, Knottingley Cons A 6; YMCA A 8, Kippax Ex Serv A 2.

FINAL POSITIONS - Section A (all played 30 matches): Ponte Cue Club F won 23, points 201; Swillington Welf D 19-170; Rothwell WMC A 17-169; Garforth WMC B 16-168; Ladybalk A 16-162; Kipppax Central B 18-160; Great Preston A 14-148; B & S Sports Club A 15-152; Great Preston C 14-148; Ponte Cue Club C 14-148; Greenn Bowling A 14-144; Elmet A 14-142; Ponte Bowling A 13-130; Prince of Wales B 11-126; Roundhill A 8-112; Smawthorne D 9-110.

Section B (all played 30 matches): Ponte Cue Club E 21-184; Swillington Welf C 20-172; Smawthorne B 19-168; Townville A 16-162; St Joseph’s A 17-160; Smawthorne A 17-160; Ponte Social A 16-158; Knottingley Cons B 14-156; Pont Cue Club G 13-152; Progressive B 15-144; Carleton B 17-142; Rockware B 13-140; Garforth CC A 11-136; Garforth WMC C 13-130; NADS A 11-124; Ponte Cue Club B 7-112.

Section C (all played 30 matches): Garforth WMC D 23-188; Garforth WMC A 18-187; Rockware C 21-182; Prince of Wales A 22-180; Ponte Cue Club D 17-160; Swillington Welf A 19-157; Queen Victoria 16-156; Swillington Welf B 14-155; Carleton A 14-144; Edward B 13-140; Smawthorne C 12-137; Featherstone A 13-134; Swillington Social A 10-130; Ponte Cons A 8-116; Progressive A 12-116; Green Bowling B 7-108.

Section D (all played 30 matches): Ponte Cue Club A 22-198; Townville B 19-182; Ponte Cons B 20-178; Kippax Ex-Serv A 18-170; Kippax Ex-Serv B 18-168; Great Preston B 17-158; Garforth CC B 14-152; Swillington Social B 16-150; Rockware A 18-148; Hopetown WMC A 13-146; Prince of Wales C 12-146; Knottingley Cons A 12-137; Ponte Bowling B 11-124; Ponte Social B 8-121; YMCA A 11-118; St Joseph’s B 10-116.