Two bowls tournaments at Allerton

Allerton will host two tournaments on Sunday.
Allerton will host two tournaments on Sunday.

Twenty three bowlers will battle it out in Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s gents singles (handicapped) tournament at Allerton Bywater today (Sunday).

The start and scratch time is 10am. Dress code applies.

The entrants are:

M Brain, A Webb, D Thomas, Ryan Lloyd (Glasshoughton), S Thompson , Rob Lloyd (Glasshoughton/Savile), K Smith, D Ellis (Townville), S Portman (Savile), A Box, N Webster, G Gidman (Smirthwaite), A Lee, W Kemp (Valley Gardens), D Dobson, J Gibson (Ferrybridge), I Scarfe (Pontefract/Savile), L Collins, R Owen, Mark Harrap (Queens Park), J Swales, M Sherman, D Hogg (Allerton).

The Association’s ladies singles (handicapped) competition will also be held at Allerton today. It starts at noon and dress code again applies.

The 10 entrants are:

A Hagen (Glasshoughton), C Lynch (Townville), K Portman (Savile), L Dye (Castleford), J Emery, E Riding (Garforth), P Hemingway (Garforth/Allerton), P Walton (Methley), N Eustace (Allerton/Featherstone), V Bradshaw (Allerton/Ferrybridge).

The Association’s Birkill Cup matches will be played next Monday, May 11 (6.30pm start).

The draw, with team handicaps and venues, is:

Savile Park (scr) v Pontefract B (scr) at Valley Ridge, Valley Gardens (20) v Castleford Town (scr) at Glasshoughton, Allerton (scr) v Queens Park (scr) at Fryston. Byes: Fryston, Glasshoughton, Townville, Pontefract A, Ferrybridge.

Latest Castleford and District Crown Crown Green Bowling Association placings:


Division 1: Pontefract B played 3, won 2, points 420; Castleford Town B 3-1-418; Allerton Bywater A 3-2-414; Glasshoughton B 3-1-408; Ferrybridge A 3-2-400; Hawhill Park A 3-1-373; Queens Park A 3-0-356; Fryston A 3-1-355; Glasshoughton A 2-2-304; Smirthwaite A 2-2-302; Pontefract A 2-1-280; Savile Park 2-1-255.

Division 2: Pontefract C 3-2-418; Queens Park B 3-0-349; Valley Gardens A 2-2-315; Townville 2-2-310; Allerton Bywater B 2-2-299; Ferrybridge B 2-1-271; Hawhill Park B 2-0-264; Valley Gardens B 2-0-198; Featherstone A 1-1-148; Smirthwaite B 1-0-126.


Glasshoughton 4-4-313; Queens Park A 4-4-308; Kippax 4-2-294; Valley Ridge 4-3-289; Queens Park B 4-3-287; Featherstone 4-3-282; Allerton Bywater 4-1-282; Valley Gardens 4-1-270; Ferrybridge 4-1-201; Townville 3-1-184; Methley 3-0-157; Hawhill Park 4-0-147.


Division 1: Pontefract A 2-2-315; Glasshoughton A 2-2-309; Allerton Bywater A 2-2-307; Ferrybridge 2-0-274; Savile Park 2-1-268; Townville 2-0-248; Fryston 2-0-228; Valley Gardens 1-0-123; Castleford Town B 1-0-117.

Division 2: Pontefract B 2-2-288; Queens Park 2-1-268; Hawhill 2-0-248; Featherstone 1-1-140; Smirthwaite 1-0-128.


Premier: Rothwell B C A 4-3-463; Queens Park A 4-2-403; Garforth Rec A 4-2-402; Colton A 4-2-398; Pontefract A 4-2-396; Smirthwaite A 3-3-364; Valley Ridge A 4-1-337; Cas Town A 3-2-334; Glasshoughton A 3-2-320; Kippax A 4-0-310; Garforth CC A 3-1-305.

Section A: Allerton 3-3-350; Hawhill Park A 3-2-331; Glasshoughton B 3-2-324; Ferrybridge A 3-3-313; Townville 3-2-300; Pontefract B 3-1-294; Methley A 3-1-288; Colton B 3-0-238; Sherburn A 2-0-192; Savile Park A 2-0-178.

Section B: Swillington A 3-3-366; Cas Town B 3-2-337; Rothwell BC B 3-2-331; Valley Gardens A 3-1-314; Rothwell Park B 3-2-301; Woodlesford A 3-2-301; Rothwell Park A 3-2-273; Swillington B 3-1-265; Smirthwaite B 3- 0-253; Aberford 3-0-250.

Section C: Garforth CC B 3-2-332; Valley Ridge B 3-2-311; Featherstone 3-2-304; Garforth Rec B 3-2-302; Ferrybridge B 3-2-299; Valley Gardens B 3-1-293; Sherburn B 3-0-279; Hawhill Park B 3-0-257; Methley B 2-2-231; Queens Park B 2-1-213.


Division 1: Ossett Flying Horse 2-2-248; Garforth Rec 2-2-226; Pontefract 2-1-214; Wakefield 3-0-189; Methley 1-0-44.