Unbeaten leaders too good for Elephant

Leaders Glasshoughton WMC won 9-1 at Elephant.
Leaders Glasshoughton WMC won 9-1 at Elephant.

Glasshoughton WMC maintained their 100 per cent record in Pontefract and District Pool League by winning 9-1 at Elephant.

Glasshoughton are four points clear of second-placed Upton Social Club who beat Byram Park B 8-2.

Elehpant visit Glasshoughton WMC on Thursday evening when the reverse fixtures for last week’s matches will be played.

Other results: Byram Park A 4, Olde Tavern 6; Upton Brookside 8, Willow Park B 2; Willow Park Club A 6, Kellingley Club 4; Angling Club 3, Green Lane WMC 7; Ambience 9, Hemsworth MW 1.

Positions: Glasshoughton WMC played 9, won 9, points 70; Upton Social Club 9-8-66; Olde Tavern 7-7-62; Ambience 9-8-59; Byram Park A 9-7-57; Upton Brookside 9-6-57; Green Lane WMC 9-5-50; Elephant 9-4-42; Willow Park Club A 9-3-34; Kellingley Club 9-1-30; Byram Park B 9-2-29; Willow Park B 9-1-29; Angling Club 9-1-25; Hemsworth MW 9-1-16.

Thursday’s fixtures are Olde Tavern v Byram Park A; Willow Park B v Upton Brookside; Byram Park B v Upton Social Club; Glasshoughton WMC v Elephant; Hemsworth MW v Ambience; Green Lane WMC v Angling Club; Kellingley Club v Willow Park A.