Unbeaten leaders YMCA D far too good for C Station A

Keith Lumb was the only winner for C Station A, beating Ian Instone over four sets.
Keith Lumb was the only winner for C Station A, beating Ian Instone over four sets.

CASTLEFORD, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League unbeaten table-toppers YMCA D eased to a 9-1 victory at C Station A.

Captain Keith Lumb managed C Station’s only win, beating Ian Instone over four sets.

Lumb lost to Gordon Cooper narrowly over four and Keith Powell over three.

Richard Fry lost all his games over three sets. Andy Adams also lost over three to Cooper and Powell, but had a marathon match against Instone, losing by only two points in the fifth.

Cooper and Instone beat Lumb and Fry over four sets in the doubles.

YMCA E chalked up two victories, beating Knottingley B 8-2 in a re-arranged match and YMCA A 6-4.

YMCA E captain Bailey Pye praised Knottingley B’s Dave Cooper for his performances.

Cooper defeated Pye over five very competitive sets and Jamie Rusling over four. Both losers were impressed by the standard of play Cooper produced.

In Cooper’s final singles game of the evening, he lost to Daniel Ferguson over four sets.

Ferguson had previously beaten Neil Cooper and Bob McNaught over three sets each.

Pye beat Neil Cooper and McNaught over three sets each and Rusling defeated Cooper over three and McNaught over four.

In the doubles Pye and Rusling beat the Cooper brothers over four sets.

Steve Morris played well for YMCA A in their defeat against YMCA E. Morris beat Pye over five sets, having lost the first two, and Tom Wilkinson over three, but lost to in-form Ferguson, who had previously beaten Rob Connell over four sets and Peter Hugill over five sets, the last by 13 points to 11.

Connell beat Wilkinson in the opening game over four sets but lost to Pye over three very close sets, the first two of which went to deuce.

Hugill defeated Wilkinson over three but lost to Pye over three, the last two by the margin of only two points.

Connell and Hugill lost in the doubles to Pye and Ferguson over three sets.

C Station B collected their first point this season from a 5-5 draw against Knottingley B.

John Wainwright beat Neil Cooper narrowly in a four set win, each game being won and lost by only two points. He went on to beat Bob McNaught over three sets, the first set going in his favour 16-14.

Richard Lumb achieved a great win over Neil Cooper in a five set match, taking the last to deuce, and he beat McNaught over three very close sets.

Dave Cooper achieved the best results of the night, beating Wainwright over four close sets, Lumb easily over three and an unnamed player over three, as did his team mates.

Wainwright and Lumb salvaged a point against the Cooper brothers in the doubles over four evenly contested sets.

YMCA A won 9-1 at Knottingley A who conceded three games due to the absence of an ill player.

Alan Yip was Knottingley’s only winner. He beat Carl Keegan over three sets but lost to Mark Cambridge and John Keegan. Dennis Shaw lost to Cambridge and John Keegan over three sets each and in the final game against Carl Keegan over four sets. Shaw sustained an injury in the last set and was unable to compete in the doubles which were conceded.