Webb is crowned bowls champion

Andy Webb won the final of the Champion of Champions tournament.
Andy Webb won the final of the Champion of Champions tournament.

Glasshoughton’s Andy Webb won Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association’s Champions of Champions tournament.

He defeated Fryston’s junior bowler Daryl Harrap in the final at Pontefract Bowling Club. In the semi-finals, Andy beat Yorkshire county bowler Nathan Webster and Daryl overcame last year’s winner Rob Lloyd.

RESULTS - Quarterfinals: L Thompson 10, D Harrap 21; R Lloyd 21, WBedford 15; K Portman 15, NWebster 21; A Webb 21, E Riding 14; Semi-finals: D Harrap 21 , R Lloyd 14; N Webster 19, A Webb 21. Final: A Webb 21, D Harrap 13.

Two tournaments will be held at Queens Park BC, Castleford, on Sunday.

There are 34 entrants for the YMCA gents individual (handicapped) competition (10am start and scratch).

The entrants are:

S Thompson, Rob Lloyd (Glasshoughton/Savile), M Brain, D Thomas, R Robbins, Ryan Lloyd, J Thomas (Glasshoughton), D Revell, R Watson (Pontefract), A Webb (Ossett Flying Horse/Glasshoughton), A Lee, W Kemp, C Young, M Young, M Lee (Valley Gardens), L Collins, Mark Harrap, S Waite (Queens Park), A Box (Smirthwaite), D Dobson (Ferrybridge/Castleford), J Gibson (Ferrybridge), Mick Harrap (Fryston/Queens Park), D Harrap (Fryston), K Smith (Townville), D Dalton (Featherstone), S Portman, D Woffindin, G Portman, R Whipp, M Mace (Savile Park), E Parker (Allerton/Pontefract), D Hogg, J Swales (Allerton/Castleford), M Sherman (Allerton).

The association’s YMCA ladies individual merit competition will also be held at Queens Park on Sunday (1pm start and scratch).

The entrants are:

A Hagen (Ossett Flying Horse), P Stewart (Valley Gardens), C Lynch (Townville), K Portman (Savile/Castleford), N Eustace (Allerton/Featherstone), V Bradshaw (Allerton/Ferrybridge), M O’Donovan, J Tams, S Hill, J Hill (Pontefract), P Walton, M Boyes (Methley).

Dress code applies for both competitions.

Glasshoughton lifted their second trophy of the season by winning the Pairs League.

They are also well placed to win the Saturday Division One trophy to make it a complete set for the club.

Latest positions in the Castleford and District Crown Green Bowling Association are:


Division 1: Glasshoughton A played 18, won 18, points 2735; Smirthwaite A 18- 14-2651; Pontefract A 18-9-2528; Queens Park A 18-8-2421; Fryston A 18-7-2375; Savile Park 18-8-2362; Castleford Town B 18-8-2342; Allerton Bywater A 18-5-2338; Ferrybridge A 18-7-2309; Pontefract B 18- 5- 2126.

Division 2: Hawhill Park A 16-13-2377; Glasshoughton B 16-12-2315; Valley Gardens A 16-11-2244; Featherstone A 16-8-2182; Townville 16-6-2154; Pontefract C 16-6-2026; Savile Park D 15-8-1943; Methley 15-5-1915; Hawhill Park B 0-2-1833.

Division 3: Allerton Bywater B 16-13-2346; Smirthwaite B 16-12-2346; Ferrybridge B 16-8-2084; Queens Park B 16-6-2054; Valley Gardens B 16-1-1780.

Pairs: Glasshoughton 22-18-1700; Queens Park A 21-19-1615; Allerton Bywater 22-16-1602; Queens Park B 22- 14-1520; Kippax 22-10-1518; Valley Gardens 22-10-1469; Valley Ridge 21-12-1466; Fryston A 21-7-1332; Featherstone 22-6-1326; Ferrybridge 21-8-1295; Methley 21-6-1225; Hawhill Park 21-3-1064.


Division 1: Glasshoughton A 14-12-2120; Castleford Town B 15-10-2119; Pontefract A 14- 10- 2043; Savile Park 14- 8-2013; Fryston A 14-7-1827; Ferrybridge 14-3-1768; Allerton Bywater A 13-7-1762; Queens Park 14-3-1701; Smirthwaite 14-2-1603.

Division 2: Townville 13-9-1834; Featherstone 13-8-1806; Valley Gardens 13-8- 1756; Pontefract B 12-5-1558; Savile Park B 13-2-1492.

Latest Castleford and District Veterans Association results:

Premier Division: Valley Ridge 112, Allerton 84; Rothwell BC A 111, Cas Town A 85; Queens Park A 105, Glasshoughton A 112; Townville 107, Hemsworth 91; Garforth Rec 121, Pontefract A 78; Kippax A 114, Smirthwaite A 93.

Section A: Hawhill Park A 96, Colton A 101; Colton B 94, Garforth CC 100; Glasshoughton B 109, Ferrybridge A 96.

Section B: Swillington A 115, Aberford 90; Pontefract B 121, Garforth Rec B 71; Rothwell Park B 123, Queens Park B 112; Valley Gardens 101, Rothwell Park A 80; Methley A 125, Woodlesford 95.

FINAL LEAGUE TABLES - Premier Division: Rothwell BC A 2458, Cas Town A 2360, Valley Ridge A 2351, Glassshoughton A 2319, Pontefract A 2285, Garforth Rec A 2280, Kippax A 2255, Smirthwaite A 2250, Hemsworth 2220, Queens Park A 2149, Townville 2134, Allerton 2068.

Section A: Garforth CC 2042, Colton A 1953, Ferrybridge A 1889, Sherburn A 1835, Hawhill Park A 1800, Glasshoughton B 1800, Colton B 1714, Rothwell BC B 1702, Savile Park 1676, Kippax B 1635.

Section B: Pontefract 2183, Methley 2156, Rothwell Park A 2137, Rothwell Park B 2122, Woodlesford 2113, Swillington B 2010, Swillington A 2009, Valley Gardens A 1996, Aberford 1918, Garforth Rec B 1906, Queens Park B 1841.

Section C: Cas Town B 1627, Smirthwaite B 1533, Valley Ridge B 1431, Sherburn B 1371, Methley B 1362, Ferrybridge B 1301, Hawhill Park B 1270, Valley Gardens B 1175.

Garforth CC (+12) beat Garforth Rec A (scratch) 118-101 in the Veterans Association’s Len Pickersgill Cup final at Valley Ridge on Friday.

LEN PICKERSGILL FINAL RESULTS (Garforth CC players named first): K Grimble 5, J Collinson 21; S Pollard 20, A Waters 21; S Burton 18, B Stevenson 21; T Curtis 21, M Hiscock 10; J Robson 21, B Vayro 13; D Neale 21, M Bradbrooke 15.