YMCA A clinch title with victory over clubmates

Rob Connell won all his three games as champions YMCA A beat YMCA C 9-1.
Rob Connell won all his three games as champions YMCA A beat YMCA C 9-1.

YMCA A clinched the Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League championship by beating clubmates YMCA C 9-1.

YMCA E will be certain of finishing runners up if they win one of their two remaining matches against Knottingley A and Knottingley B.

YMCA E are one point clear of third-placed YMCA B whose final match is YMCA C.

YMCA A have an unassailable lead . Paul Morris was the only YMCA C player to win a match against the newly-crowned champions.

Morris beat Peter Hugill over five sets but he lost to Rob Connell over four close sets and Steve Morris over three.

Hugill, Connell and Steve Morris all beat both Nigel Brook and Ian Instone, who acted as a reserve for YMCA C.

In the doubles, Hugill and Connell beat Brook and Paul Morris over three sets.

Alan Yip was man of the match for Knottingley B in a 7-3 win against C Station B.

Yip won all his three games, beating Mark Lumb, Richard Lumb and Rob White over three sets. Both Richard Lumb and White lost on deuce in the third.

Knottingley B’s Tim Condon beat Marc Lumb over three and White over four but he lost to Richard Lumb over three by deuce in the last set.

Dennis Shaw beat Marc Lumb over four close sets and White over three sets, but lost easily to in-form Richard Lumb. Richard and Marc Lumb beat Condon and Shaw in the doubles.

Knotingley C defeated C Station B 6-4 after being awarded three games because their opponents fielded a player in contravention to a rule.

Knottingley’s Marcus Hookham lost to Richard Fry but he beat Rob White in five close sets. Bob McNaught lost to both Fry and White.

Neil Cooper also lost to Fry but he beat White in a five-setter.

McNaught and Cooper beat Fry and White over five sets in the doubles after losing the first two sets.